Bree – Glitterfist

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This is Bree – a queer performance art shapeshifter who loves the disco.

What’s your show like?
It’s like a drag burlesque discosex cabaret that is performed by Australia’s first ALL non-binary gender cast. Its sexy but it’s very daggy – like ABBA meets Janet Jackson.

What is on your to do list?

  • Check in with my set designer to see if they have finished the touch ups to my celestial womb
  • Unravel the 6 stringed, 5 meter long glowing umbilical cord (the audience pulls me out of the celestial womb)
  • Clean my lace front wig that holds my wig on but takes my makeup off with it
  • Re-block the disco sexuality scene

How did you get into drag?
Watching Priscilla Queen and Rocky Horror Picture Show way too young. I got so much joy from all the campness. But I’m not a drag king or a drag queen cos I’m non-binary.

Aaaah how did you work that out?
I wanted to be a drag queen as a child, then a drag king at uni (woman being a man). I started performing in both femme and masculine characters and felt a lot of discomfort with having to define which gender I was IRL because my two characters were both sides of me. Then I simply let go of defining it at all.

Weirdest gigs you’ve been asked to do?
1) A bachelor party where I perfomed in a tiny backyard, in a 1 square meter space next to a huge kebab rotisserie. I nearly burnt my skin off and my costumes smelt like lamb for weeks.

2) A 50th at La Porchetta. Costume changes beside pizza toppings, walking through a packed restaurant in a pink furry merkin to get to the party out the back and doing upside-down doing the splits infront of grannies and kids. I left shuddering, but the birthday boy has come to almost every one of my gigs since!

Didn’t you get run over by a bus once?
I was in Taiwan and after a 5min scooter lesson, went on a 3hr mission via a highway to Taroko Gorge. A tourist bus passed me and I suddenly forgot they drive on the right side of the road and freaked out. I accidentally accelerated straight into the bus but somehow flipped sideways and scootered under it as it was driving. No one could believe I was alive. The tourists on the bus rubbed ointment on me, paid for the fine the cop gave me and took my photo before continuing. I then drove 3hrs back along the highway.

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