Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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“Breaking Bread” with Broken Rice

“Broken rice”. Though lacking the visual marketing appeal of a celebrity, it is perfectly normal tasting rice that has been a bit battered in the production process.

Not unlike my good self, one might say!

It is the rice ingredient in many processed foods (eg baby food) – and makes for a good value meal in South-East Asia.

This is one of my favorite lunches in Vietnam: simply steamed broken rice with a thinly sliced BBQ pork “chop”, fried egg, cucumber salad (mild kimchi is trending in 2023, for South Koreans tourists), shredded dried pork skin and a little side bowl of hot salty, fishy soup. vnd55,000 (AU$3.55, US$2.25) in a popular eatery or half that at a street vendor.


Greg Hackett

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