Bowery To Williamsburg

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Bowery 2 Williamsburg @ Oliver Lane

By Sam The Social Media Guy

Okokok so I promise I’m keeping calm, but holy sweet mother of Delta I’ve found a new locash and I’m obsessed. My home gurl and I were en route to the city on a Saturday morning (vom) so I could buy some new sunnies (ps I’m looking phresh af now) and we wanted food but didn’t feel like going to the usual suspects. We googled “city brunch” cos we original. This place came up, after a quick Goog/social stalk I knew we’d struck gold. We arrived blah blah sat down blah blah then ORDERED. The menu is VVNYC ~obviously~ (did u read the name??). I got a Ruben macNcheese and pickles because I’m basic and <3 bagels. Ma gurl got a turkey BLT. It was all amaze. The staff were fun to be around (i got real sweaty by one guy) and the bill was v low.

Next time ur in the city and are walking around thinking “what has my life become?” go to this place and re-live that one time you went to NYC and became obsessed with #wanderlust.

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