Bobby Darin sacrificed himself to entertain us. Public adulation gave him life through one vein as much as it took from another. Once you’ve awakened that sleeping beast it can never be conquered – only lived with until that fateful day when your body becomes still from the exhaustion of hanging on too long.
Bobby now sits at a table with Hank Williams and they discuss loneliness and lost highways that bring you to nowhere. Oh Father where is art in thou heaven? And why did you allow us to break our backs working in the fields only to have our crops contaminated by the ignorance of others?
Strike me down for uttering the truth.
Strike me down with the pain of living it.
Strike me down with the regret that I could’ve made a difference if only I’d wandered from your path.
Strike me down if you think it may help someone.

(c) Frank Howson 2016

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