Bob Bright – INTRO_SPECTION : A Review

Bob Bright - INTRO_SPECTION : A Review

When the Roots of Rock 'n' Roll mature

“Brilliant and full of surprises!”

When an artist makes a transition in their music it is often difficult for their followers to accept.  Sometimes, it creates a furore!

Bob Dylan moved from acoustic to electric based music in 1965 it was a transition that caused an uproar!

Bob Bright, also known as Bobby Bright, cut his teeth on Rock ‘n’ Roll music in Adelaide in the late 1950’s.  By the time he partnered up with Laurie Allen in the early 1960’s he was on his way as a rock/pop singer. This formed a career that has spanned from those early halcyon years of the 1960’s through to today.

However, to label him as a Rock singer would be to disregard the history he has had in presenting a wide range of music styles.

In this his latest release – INTRO-SPECTION, he has successfully made the transition to a more night club style of composition and presentation.


Bob Bright is a brilliant singer.  In his last release, the 2013 “Child of Rock and Roll“, he reminded us of the fact that he is capable of presenting a variety of music under that “rock” umbrella.

Now six years later, we have a carefully crated album that reflects a maturing of style without losing the energy of those rock roots.

This is another carefully crafted, well thought out, well presented and produced album of music that is certain to run a gamut of responses.

My response is – “Brilliant and full of surprises”.

What will yours be?

All the words and music were written by Bob and it reaffirms what many in the music industry already knew, he is a gifted writer.

The music was arranged by Michael Oliphant and the album was co-produced by Michael and Bob.

Michael Oliphant


This is a working partnership that goes back many years and I was first introduced to it in that 2013 “Child of Rock and Roll” album which was produced so brilliantly by Michael.

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Supporting the production are the musicians who are listed on the back of the album along with the track listing.  This is a working collaboration that simply gels beautifully.

The album consists of nine tracks and they possibly reflect the fact that in every successful rock singer, there is a cabaret/club singer just waiting to burst out.

This is Bob’s “bursting out” album!

Bob Bright - INTRO_SPECTION : A Review

I have always maintained that track one is (or should be) considered as the “calling card” of the album.

Track 1: Touched Me

The track opens with strings and piano and we are immediately transported into a world of warmth and gentleness.

At the one minute mark what sounds very much like a spinet comes in to reinforce the emotion of the track. In all honesty this is quite a beautiful piece of composition. It immediately tells us that this man who is often categorised as a ‘rocker’ has a voice that has mellowed into a rich warm enticing sound.

Like the touch of a feather
A breath of fresh air
The gentlest of breezes
Blowing from nowhere
Your kisses took me by surprise
Guess you saw that in my eyes
I fell apart when I felt my heart beat so
found it hard to let it go
I only hope down deep inside you know
You touched me so
And no matter what the future brings
That moment made my heart sing
 Just wanted you to know 
You touched me so
You touched me so

Track 5: Feel the love

This track moves us into a more club dance mode. This is is a very classy production among a set of well produced tracks on this album.

It has an infectious beat and features Michael Oliphant on trumpet and John Dalimore on guitar (and can this man play!). The background vocals are by one of Melbourne’s largely unrecognised but very talented female vocalists- Regine Le Faye.

This would be a hit dance track in any club and while it is a dance track it follows the sensuous undercurrent that transverses through all the tracks.

Feel the love [Sample]

Track 7: Heading Home

Heading Home is in some ways a homage to Bob’s love and ability to slip into a “country style” of music.

Throughout Bob’s career country music and its many derivatives have played an important part in his music list. Yet, this has a wonderful freshness to it that should find it successful in being appreciated by a wide range of music fans.

I was born in a country town
Heat was up, prices were down
Had to move on out to the city to stay alive
Now folks  round here they’re going mad
It’s the worst damn years I’ve ever had
Got to get to a place I can call home

Home, where you heart runs free
and you know you’re where you want to be
The guy next door might live ten miles away
And the world looks good everywhere around
And there’s none of that traffic sound
In a place I know I can call home

I feel I’m doing time for every crime committed under the sun
And I don’t want to pay no more for something I ain’t done

I was born in just a little shack
I can’t wait to get on back
To a place I know I can belong
And I’ll make my way down a dusty track
Feel the sunshine on my back
In a place I know I can call home

I feel I’m doing time for every crime committed under the sun
And I don’t want to pay no more for something I ain’ t done

I’m heading home that’s where you heart runs free
and you know you’re where you want to be
The guy next door might live ten miles away
and  the world looks good everywhere around
and there’s none of that traffic sound
In a place I know I can call home
I’ll make my way down that dusty track
feel the sunshine on my back
In a place I know I can call home
In a place I know I can call home


Heading Home [Sample]

Track 8: Never Fall in Love Again

Bob has an ability to really animate his songs and Never fall in Love Again is a prime example.

This is an uptempo track with a funky intro. It is a song that has the feet tapping and the hook line (the track title) is one that is hard not to want to sing along with.

I think I may have used this line before but it is so appropriate to use again.

If you aren’t dancing to this track you either have your feet nailed to the floor or, you’re dead!

Never Fall in love again [Sample]

Bob shows us through this album that change is good! Not to change is to stagnate or worse, to be lazy.

One thing is for certain, Bob Bright is not lazy and he never allows himself to stagnate.

Over a seven decade period, from the 1950’s through to today, Bob has never been shy to look to change and to try on a variety of “music hats”.

We can go back to those early, somewhat halcyon, years of the 60’s and listen to I’ll Belong With you and Hitchhiker.  Then suddenly, a few years later, we’re presented with the totally different Carroll County Accident.

Bob also experimented with his music.  An example is the quite experimental,  I Want Woman, which was so “out there”, it was removed by the record company from the Bobby & Laurie LP – Exposaic.

Bob can sing it all! Reggae, soul, rock and bop, country and country & western. So it comes as no surprise that at this stage of his career he has moved into a cabaret/nightclub style.

Bob Bright - INTRO_SPECTION : A Review

If we think of rock ‘n’ roll as well brewed but young spirit, we can understand why it is drunk so deeply and regularly. That reason is get out on that floor and blow it apart.

Bob and his music is now better and aptly described as a well vintaged wine.  We don’t gulp it, we sip it. We let it roll around our mouths as we savour the flavour and complexity. We admire the vintage and its history and it leaves us with a warm feeling and great memories.

Of course, keep drinking and you will still get that desire to get up and “kick out the jams” on the dance floor!

It is the end result of, when the roots of rock ‘n’ roll mature!


And finally, what of the title?

The encyclopaedia is quite clear! – Introspection is the examination of one’s own conscious thoughts and feelings. In a spiritual context it may refer to the examination of one’s soul.

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