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4 Reasons Custom Clothing Is On Trend In 2021


What people wear on a given day makes up for half of their mood and personality. Sometimes, when people aren’t feeling too good with their clothes, chances are, they might not feel confident enough to face the world. Thus, they purchase items off the rack or avail of sales for bargain clothing. Some find buying ready-to-wear clothes a joy.

However, there are those who feel differently. For them, nothing beats the feeling of wearing a well-fitted, aptly-styled piece of garment. 

Why Custom Clothing is Trending in 2021 

Fashion trend forecasts echo this sentiment, especially in 2021, where the majority favour personalised custom clothing. This comes in various forms, whatever your taste and style are: tailor-fitted garment, print custom clothing, or anything customised.

So, why is custom clothing a trending style? Here are four reasons.

  1. It’s Economical

In the past, only the rich and moneyed people get to avail of custom-made clothing from their private tailors. Now, with the accessibility of garments and materials plus the use of new technologies, having your clothes custom-made or tailored won’t break the bank.

  1. It Reflects One’s Personality

People like having their clothes custom-made because of their personal appeal. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing that what one is wearing is tailor-fitted to their body and style, exclusively. 

Having clothes customised to your liking gives you more freedom to express yourself through your style. The people you interact with on a daily basis can see this, too, making you more professional-looking or amiable in their eyes. 

If you want to be remembered for your remarkable way of dressing, then you should consider having your clothes custom-made. Talk about power dressing! You’re also safe from the embarrassment of walking around wearing clothes and finding that a stranger is also wearing the same outfit.

  1. It’s High-Quality

Custom-made clothing takes time to construct, fit, and sew, so the process alone confirms its quality. The production process is unlike that of fast fashion garments that could only take about a few months of wear before the stitches start to disintegrate.

Many people argue, however, that custom-made clothing isn’t worth it for pieces that are worn every day, such as shirts or jeans. But if you have the budget to have these simple statement everyday pieces, then why not? Save yourself the hassle of going to the department store every two months to buy a new mass-produced outfit because the old one had loose stitching or looked worn-out. 

Custom-made garments speak for quality as their lifespan is significantly higher than that of ready-to-wear garments that could be bought online or in department stores. So, before you buy a shirt at a boutique retailer, consider calling your tailor or a custom garment store first.

  1. It’s Stylish 

Fashion is cyclical these days, meaning what was worn last season has the probability of returning in the next two seasons. Some people are okay with that, even favouring the cyclical nature of fashion for economic reasons. But if you’re particular in the fashion and style department, then custom-made clothing is for you.

Custom-made clothing is not only trendy because of the aforementioned reasons alone but also because it lends style to every piece of clothing one owns. Only the stores or tailors who offer custom-made clothing can alter a garment accordingly to your style and specifications.


There are certain things that fast fashion and ready-to-wear garments just can’t achieve, such as the quality of materials for the clothes, style, the clothing personality, and the economic benefits it could have in the long run. These are only a few reasons why people opt to have their garments, even their jewelry, custom-made. So why shouldn’t you?


Think all your plastic is being recycled? New research shows it can end up in the ocean

think all your plastic is being recycled? new research shows it can end up in the ocean

think all your plastic is being recycled? new research shows it can end up in the ocean Image: Shuttlestock

We all know it’s wrong to toss your rubbish into the ocean or another natural place. But it might surprise you to learn some plastic waste ends up in the environment, even when we thought it was being recycled.

Our study, published yesterday, investigated how the global plastic waste trade contributes to marine pollution.

We found plastic waste most commonly leaks into the environment at the country to which it’s shipped. Plastics which are of low value to recyclers, such as lids and polystyrene foam containers, are most likely to end up polluting the environment.

The export of unsorted plastic waste from Australia is being phased out – and this will help address the problem. But there’s a long way to go before our plastic is recycled in a way that does not harm nature.

Man puts items in bins
Research shows plastic meant for recycling often ends up elsewhere. Shutterstock

Know your plastics

Plastic waste collected for recycling is often sold for reprocessing in Asia. There, the plastics are sorted, washed, chopped, melted and turned into flakes or pellets. These can be sold to manufacturers to create new products.

The global recycled plastics market is dominated by two major plastic types:

  • polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which in 2017 comprised 55% of the recyclable plastics market. It’s used in beverage bottles and takeaway food containers and features a “1” on the packaging
  • high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which comprises about 33% of the recyclable plastics market. HDPE is used to create pipes and packaging such as milk and shampoo bottles, and is identified by a “2”.

The next two most commonly traded types of plastics, each with 4% of the market, are:

  • polypropylene or “5”, used in containers for yoghurt and spreads
  • low-density polyethylene known as “4”, used in clear plastic films on packaging.

The remaining plastic types comprise polyvinyl chloride (3), polystyrene (6), other mixed plastics (7), unmarked plastics and “composites”. Composite plastic packaging is made from several materials not easily separated, such as long-life milk containers with layers of foil, plastic and paper.

This final group of plastics is not generally sought after as a raw material in manufacturing, so has little value to recyclers.

Read more: Here’s what happens to our plastic recycling when it goes offshore

Symbols on PET plastic item
Items made from PET plastic resin are marked with a ‘1’. Shutterstock

Shifting plastic tides

China banned the import of plastic waste in January 2018 to prevent the receipt of low-value plastics and to stimulate the domestic recycling industry.

Following the bans, the global plastic waste trade shifted towards Southeast Asian nations such as Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The largest exporters of waste plastics in 2019 were Europe, Japan and the US. Australia exported plastics primarily to Malaysia and Indonesia.

Australia’s waste export ban recently became law. From July this year, only plastics sorted into single resin types can be exported; mixed plastic bales cannot. From July next year, plastics must be sorted, cleaned and turned into flakes or pellets to be exported.

This may help address the problem of recyclables becoming marine pollution. But it will require a significant expansion of Australian plastic reprocessing capacity.

think all your plastic is being recycled? new research shows it can end up in the ocean
Map showing the import and export map of plastic waste globally. Authors provided – [CLICK to enlarge]

What we found

Our study was funded by the federal Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment. It involved interviews with trade experts, consultants, academics, NGOs and recyclers (in Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand) and an extensive review of existing research.

We found when it comes to the international plastic trade, plastics most often leak into the environment at the destination country, rather than at the country of origin or in transit. Low-value or “residual” plastics – those left over after more valuable plastic is recovered for recycling – are most likely to end up as pollution. So how does this happen?

In Southeast Asia, often only registered recyclers are allowed to import plastic waste. But due to high volumes, registered recyclers typically on-sell plastic bales to informal processors.

Interviewees said when plastic types were considered low value, informal processors frequently dumped them at uncontrolled landfills or into waterways. Sometimes the waste is burned.

Plastics stockpiled outdoors can be blown into the environment, including the ocean. Burning the plastic releases toxic smoke, causing harm to human health and the environment.

Interviewees also said when informal processing facilities wash plastics, small pieces end up in wastewater, which is discharged directly into waterways, and ultimately, the ocean.

However, interviewees from Southeast Asia said their own domestic waste management was a greater source of ocean pollution.

Birds fly over landfill site
Plastic waste meant for recycling can end up in overseas landfill, before it blows into the ocean. Anupam Nath/AP

A market failure

The price of many recycled plastics has crashed in recent years due to oversupply, import restrictions and falling oil prices, (amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic). However clean bales of PET and HDPE are still in demand.

In Australia, material recovery facilities currently sort PET and HDPE into separate bales. But small contaminants of other materials (such as caps and plastic labels) remain, making it harder to recycle into high quality new products.

Before the price of many recycled plastics dropped, Australia baled and traded all other resin types together as “mixed plastics”. But the price for mixed plastics has fallen to zero and they’re now largely stockpiled or landfilled in Australia.

Several Australian facilities are, however, investing in technology to sort polypropylene so it can be recovered for recycling.

Shampoo bottles in supermarket
High-density polyethylene items such as shampoo bottles comprise a large share of the plastic waste market. Shutterstock

Doing plastics differently

Exporting countries can help reduce the flow of plastics to the ocean by better managing trade practices. This might include:

  • improving collection and sorting in export countries
  • checking destination processing and monitoring
  • checking plastic shipments at export and import
  • improving accountability for shipments.

But this won’t be enough. The complexities involved in the global recycling trade mean we must rethink packaging design. That means using fewer low-value plastic and composites, or better yet, replacing single-use plastic packaging with reusable options.

The authors would like to acknowledge research contributions from Asia Pacific Waste Consultants (APWC) – Dr Amardeep Wander, Jack Whelan and Anne Prince, as well as Phil Manners at CIE.

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Disclosure statement

Monique Retamal receives funding from the Australian Government, including the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment.

Elsa Dominish receives funding from the Australian Government, including the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment.

Nick Florin receives funding from the Australian Government, including the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment.

Rachael Wakefield-Rann receives funding from the Australian Government, including the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment.


sexual assault: what can you do if you don’t want to make a formal report to police?

This article is a syndicated news item via  sexual assault: what can you do if you don’t want to make a formal report to police?

9 Questions That Will Make You A Master Of Reference Checks

9 questions that will make you a master of reference checks

To grow your small business, you’re going to need to hire new team members eventually. And while it can be exciting to bring on a new hire, there’s always some risk involved. Making impulsive hiring decisions can waste a lot of time and money, and leave you back at where you started. 

So how do you make sure you hire the right employees the first time?

Among other things, you should always perform reference checks on your candidates. There’s no better way to verify their strengths and experience than speaking to former managers and colleagues.

Reference checks are a great tool to understand candidates better and uncover red flags that might not show up in an interview.

Ensure you make the right hiring decisions every time by learning:

  • What a reference check is
  • When you should do a reference check
  • The best reference check questions.


What Is a Reference Check?

Reference checks are a common part of the interview and hiring process. During a reference check, the prospective employer (that’s you) contacts the candidate’s references to verify their education and work experience. 

Reference checks typically happen via phone call. Throughout this conversation, you’ll be able to gather more information about the candidate’s experience, strengths, and weaknesses. 

In addition to verifying the candidate’s information, a reference check’s goal is to see if the candidate is a good match for your business. 


When To Do a Reference Check

Since reference checks can take up a fair amount of time, you want to save them for the end of the hiring process. For the most part, you will only go through reference checks for candidates you consider hiring. 

So this means that reference checks usually happen after you and your team have interviewed the candidate. If you like the individual, you’ll ask for the candidate’s references. 


How to Do a Proper Reference Check

Like interviews, there is a particular protocol to use when performing reference checks. First of all, you should ask for the candidate’s consent. If they agree, you’ll get a list of references. 

In general, you want to ask to speak with a candidate’s former managers and former colleagues. In some cases, if a candidate has less experience, you may also ask for references such as college professors or counselors. 

Once you have your list of references, you will contact each person to request a scheduled time for a phone call. Try to keep these conversations brief. You should be able to get the information you need in 15-20 minutes.

Before your call, prepare the questions you want to ask. Using a standard list of reference check questions makes it easy for you to compare multiple candidates. However, depending on each candidate’s interviews, you may want to also focus on some specific topics.

During your scheduled phone call, begin by restating the context of your call. Mention who you are and briefly describe the position the candidate is applying for. 

You can provide details such as:

  • Basic job requirements
  • Technical skills required for the job
  • Whether or not the candidate will have to interact with customers
  • Results that they should achieve 

After that, you can begin with your questions. 

As always, at the end of the call, make sure to thank each reference for their time.


The Best Reference Check Questions to Ask

1. Describe Your Working Relationship With the Candidate/How You Know the Candidate

Begin your conversation by verifying the information that the candidate provided you. Start by confirming the candidate’s resume details, such as dates of employment and job title. 

Additionally, make sure you know the working relationship between the reference and your candidate. Afterward, you can tailor your questions based on the context.

By asking about the reference’s work experience with the candidate, you can properly frame the rest of the conversation.

2. Did the Candidate Achieve Any Significant Accomplishments While Working With You?

Once you have verified the candidate’s work experience, ask questions about their work ethic, productivity, and overall impact at their past organization.

It’s one thing to understand a candidate’s skills; it’s another thing to see how those skills have been applied. 

Did the candidate improve productivity, help lower costs, or increase revenue? As a business owner, you need to hire a candidate that can positively impact your bottom line.

If your reference call reveals several significant accomplishments, this is a good indicator of a strong work ethic. You can follow up on some of these accomplishments and see if the candidate achieved expected results or exceeded expectations.

3. What Are the Candidate’s Greatest Strengths?

Asking about strengths is one of the standard questions you should have asked your candidate during the interview. The reference check is an excellent opportunity to see if the candidate’s former colleagues identify similar strengths. 

If the reference’s answers align with the candidate’s, you can be sure that they have a good handle on their strengths.

Another reason to ask this question is to uncover strengths the candidate might not have known or shared. 

And finally, this question can help even the interview playing field. If a candidate is modest, they might not highlight their strengths as well as others. Checking with past colleagues can help you get a better understanding of their impact.

4. What Are the Candidate’s Greatest Weaknesses?

Like the strengths question, you’re looking to see if the candidate and their references identify similar weaknesses. Significant differences here could be a red flag.

In addition to understanding your candidate’s self-awareness level, knowing their weaknesses helps you evaluate the candidate for culture fit

It’s important to understand that each company has its own culture. What’s considered a weakness at their former workplace might be a strength at yours.

Finally, asking about weaknesses can help you learn more about the candidate’s coachability. Use follow-up questions to determine if the candidate made an effort to improve and how they reacted to mistakes.

5. What Skills Does the Candidate Need To Develop To Reach Their Full Potential?

Each team member you hire will have some sort of learning curve during their employment with you. Ideally, you hire people that you can help develop

However, you can’t assume what type of resources and development each candidate needs. This is where former managers can be a great resource. 

Someone who has worked with a candidate before has a better handle on where they need to grow. Some of your reference check questions must be forward-looking — you can get much more information that way.

Once you know the skills they need to develop, you can ask yourself if you have the resources to help this person grow and succeed. 

6. What Type of Management Does the Candidate Thrive Under?

This question is one of the most effective on this list. You want to understand what your candidate needs from their manager to judge whether you can provide it.

More than half of adults leave companies because of bad experiences with managers. It turns out that compatibility with your company’s management style is one of the most important elements of finding a true culture fit.

Think about it: if your candidate works best individually but you have a collaborative management style, there’s bound to be friction. A former manager, or even co-worker, can provide precious insights into the best management style for your candidate

If you have a good understanding of your management style, it’s appropriate to ask whether the candidate would thrive in that work environment.

7. Given the Opportunity, Would You Hire This Candidate Again?

People leave companies for plenty of reasons unrelated to job performance. Perhaps there was no room for growth or the company needed to downsize. 

But, it’s an excellent sign if past employers would want to rehire someone. 

This sentiment from a former manager can tell you whether this candidate was dependable and worked well with others. 

Now, if someone says “No,” be sure to follow up and understand why. There may be some red flags here, or perhaps there was a lack of culture fit. Either way, take some time to get to the bottom of it.

8. Would You Recommend This Candidate?

This is a standard question that sums up the purpose of your reference check. Ultimately, you want to know if former colleagues recommend your candidate as a team member. 

Asking for the recommendation typically happens at the end of the call. At this point, you should be able to guess what the other person will say. Furthermore, most candidates will only provide you with references that will recommend them. 

So, while this may seem like a formality, it’s still a critical reference check question. Pay attention to the energy behind the referral. Ideally, you want to hear that a reference would gladly recommend the candidate to anyone. 

On the other hand, it’s equally valuable to listen for qualifications. Remember, you’re assessing the candidate’s skills as well as potential culture fit with your team.

9. Is There Anyone Else You’d Recommend I Speak To?

Once again, this is a standard reference check question usually reserved for the end of the call. A previous manager might be able to point you in the direction of a former colleague that worked closely with your candidate. 

This question can be especially useful if your job opening has managerial responsibilities. In that case, it’s wise to hear from past managers and people that your candidate has managed.


Get More Information With Follow-up Questions 

By now, you might have guessed that follow-up questions are just as valuable as your standard reference check questions. 

Other people sometimes know how we work better than we would know ourselves. The same logic applies to your candidates. If you want to truly find the best fit for your team, you need to learn a bit about your candidate’s past performance, from the perspective of others.

Finding the right new hire can ensure seamless onboarding, better performance, and your new employee’s overall job satisfaction. So, if you want to reduce employee turnover, take some time to learn everything you can before making a job offer.

To find more tools to help you manage your workforce, explore Hourly’s people platform for easy time tracking and payroll management.


This article was contributed by Maddy Osman and originally posted on Hourly.io

How To Hire A 24 Hour Electrician For An Electrical Emergency?

24 Hour Electrician
24 Hour Electrician

It’s nearly impossible to spend an hour without electricity, let alone an entire day. This is why you will always need a constant electricity supply to any place, be it the home or the commercial places. However, electricity is just like any other system which can fail if it is not maintained properly or if the connections are not made correctly.

No matter the reason, if the electricity is out, you will need an emergency service that can only be possible if you already have someone’s contact who will provide 24-hour emergency services. For this reason, it is wise to choose such an electrician beforehand who will cater to your needs at any time of the day with a calm head.

As this decision-making process is not an easy matter, we have compiled a list of helpful information you need to keep in mind while looking for a 24-hour electrician.

  1. Check for a reputed and experienced electrician

Your first task is to look for an electrician who has gained enough experience in the field. Electricity and the electrical network shouldn’t be tampered with especially if you have little knowledge about electricity, so you will need a skilled enough person to deal with the problems without causing further damage. Also, an experienced electrician will be able to diagnose a problem better and provide a quick solution. Apart from this, always look for a reputed professional since that will give you a sense of peace.

  1. See whether he provides a 24-hour service or not

While looking for a 24-hour electrician, you need to go through the services and check whether the person is available for twenty-four hours or not. If that’s not the case, you will have to move on to the next name you have on the list. If you have some confusion, you can easily call the professional to know more about the availability.

24 Hour Electrician
24 Hour Electrician
  1. Check the types of services provided 

There are several kinds of electrical services a professional can provide. Hence, before choosing a 24-hour electrician, you need to ensure that you know all the services the professional is providing.

Below is a list of some of the common services an electrician provides:

  • Emergency electrical repairs
  • Residential electrical replacements and repairs
  • Commercial electrical replacement and repairs
  • Auto emergency electricians
  • Emergency replacement services of any electrical parts
  • Emergency repair of main supplies like transformers
  1. Considering the price is essential 

The next thing you need to consider is the price of the 24-hour electrician services. For this, you can ask for a quote by filling in all the necessary details and then submitting the form and you need to have some understanding that emergency services often have a higher price tag. The agency or the professional himself will provide you with an approximate amount that will help you understand where your money will be going and what things you will have to pay. Also, ask about the overhead charges like raw material costs, labor costs, transportation costs, etc.

  1. Do not forget to check the insurances

When choosing a 24-hour electrician, you need to ensure that the professional is insured. This will help you avoid the extra payments to recover the losses that happened at the time of electrical repairs or replacements from the electrician’s hands.

  1. Always look for a licensed and certified electrician

Lastly, you need to look for a professional who has a proper government-approved license. That being said, do not choose the 24-hour electrician in hustle since most people fail t consider looking at the certificates and checking the professionals’ skills.


Here, we have mentioned the top ways to easily choose the best 24 hours electrical professional. With these steps, you won’t have to face a single problem at the time of selection that’s for sure.

La Mama’s rebirth Banksia Festival

la mamas rebirth banksia festival

We are thrilled to announce La Mama’s BANKSIA FESTIVALan event to re-open our iconic theatre on Faraday Street later this year. We are seeking artists to welcome, commemorate and celebrate our return home, and are inviting expressions of interest from the diversity of artists that our community represents. EOI’s close April 5th. Read more about it HERE

As we plan for our rebirth at Faraday Street, we are also looking for three exceptional producers to join our team. More details below.

After fire, the Banksia flower comes back stronger and more beautiful than ever. Inspired by the theme ‘Rebirth’, La Mama’s BANKSIA FESTIVAL seeks artists to welcome, commemorate and celebrate the return of our iconic home. 

This is a festival for young and old, for the uninitiated and the seasoned. Celebrating creativity in all its possibilities and people from all walks of life, we are inviting expressions of interest from the diversity of artists that our community represents. 

Do you have a great idea for La Mama’s BANKSIA FESTIVAL 2021? 
EOIs close Monday 5th April 2021.

Read and ponder the poem Epicormic, by Andy Jackson.
Consider the theme ‘Rebirth.’
Explore the Rebuild La Mama design
Consider whether your idea is best in the theatre, or in one of the many other nooks and crannies throughout the exciting new design.

Write a concept proposal.

Download EOI information here (PDF) or here (Word Doc)

Image by Tessa Spooner, Banksias, 2021, woodblock print, gouache and ink on paper, 21.0 x 14.0 cm

la mama’s rebirth banksia festival

Employment Opportunities 
Applications close on Monday 5th April 2021.

As we plan for our rebirth at Faraday Street, La Mama is looking for three exceptional producers to join our team

  • Outreach and Engagement Producer manages all community programs, initiatives, and partnerships including La Mama Mobile touring. 

Position Description (PDF) or Position Description (Word Doc)

  • Online Creative Producer supports theatre artists to develop digital strategies, produce online activities and events and generate new online content and ideas. 

Position Description (PDF) or Position Description (Word Doc)

  • First Nations Producer/Curator will be responsible for curating and producing La Mama’s in-house Blak Mama First Nations Festival, future Yirramboi Festivals, and other events and programs. 

Position Description (PDF) or Position Description (Word Doc)


La Mama Theatre is on traditional land of the people of the Kulin Nation. We give our respect to the Elders of these traditional lands and to all First Nations people past, present and future. We acknowledge all events take place on stolen lands and that sovereignty was never ceded.

La Mama Theatre responds to four year funding outcomes

Don’t do it yourself, have your drains fixed by a specialist!

don’t do it yourself, have your drains fixed by a specialist!

One of the most frustrating things when it comes to plumbing can be when a drain malfunctions. Drainage is very important, because when you have water coming in, it eventually has to go somewhere. The problem is, drain malfunctions can come in many forms, and the symptoms can come in yet more forms still.

Given the down to earth, do it yourself mindset of most people here in Australia, your first sentiment is probably to think, to heck with it, I’ll fix the drain myself. There are some cases where this is fine, when it’s something minor, such as perhaps a sink drain. However, with most drainage problems, you should not really attempt to do this yourself. No amount of caustic chemicals will fix a lot of these problems, and that’s when you need drain plumbing specialists.

Today, I’m going to talk about some of the main causes of drain problems, the symptoms of them and why you probably shouldn’t try to fix these problems yourself. I applaud your spirit with your do-it-yourself approach, and saving money is important in today’s economy, but yeah, this is something best left to specialists.

Leading causes of drain problems?

Obviously, the prime cause of drain problems is going to be some form of clog. As a matter fact, there’s really only one other general cause, that being an issue with pipes, which I’ll get to in a minute. However, clogs can come in a number of forms, depending on where the drain is, and what’s passed through it.

When it comes to bathrooms, most clogs are the result of hair. Either from shaving, shedding or a combination of both, hair of various lengths will get into your drain. Bald? Well, the rest of your body still has Herod it, so count on your shower drain still clogging over time. I’m bald, and my drain is clogged more times than I can count in spite of this.

When it comes to kitchens, the biggest problem is that people have a bad habit of pouring grease down drains. Sure, it’s in liquid form when it’s hot, but it cools very rapidly even in hot water, and will become this viscous, almost waxy substance akin to Crisco or Vaseline. When this happens, it will gradually clogged pipes to the point where water won’t pass through them at all.

When it comes to grease, pour your grease into an empty container after Cole’s just a little, and simply pour it out somewhere outside. Being an organic melted fat, it’s completely biodegradable, and nature will not mind. Just be sure to poorest somewhere that you don’t have to walk by, as rancid grease it hasn’t been disposed of by Anson whatnot is rather unpleasant in appearance and smell.

Aside from that, the other big problem is a collapsed pipe somewhere. This is usually outside, one of your primary drainage systems leading away from the house to the sewer or septic tank. When this happens, the Earth will collapse around it, preventing water from properly escaping. It will back up, and even if the water was initially mostly clean when drained out, it will come back up looking rather discussing and filthy.

I mentioned septic tanks, and those can be a whole other mess when it comes to drains, worthy of their own peace, septic tanks can be a curse and a blessing.


Common symptoms include water simply not draining out, as well as water backing up through both the clogged drain and other drains connected to the same system. This is very common with shower drains backing up when toilets are flushed, dual-stinks in kitchens having one of the other drains back up when the other one is trying to drain, etc.                                  

Why do I need drain plumbing specialists?

Many drains aren’t particularly accessible for do-it-yourself solutions, including buried lines or lines inside cement floors. Your first go-to solution is going to be to poor nasty, caustic solutions down your drain. For certain clogs, the stuff can work, but it usually doesn’t. The end result is that you have just deluded, toxic water sitting in your house, admitting less than healthy fumes. It will also degrade your pipes, especially in cases of PVC being used.

A specialist will have advanced tools and a very intricate understanding of plumbing across various applications that will allow them to quickly and easily solve the problem. You may balk at the initial thought of how much it costs to have plumbing specialists come in, but the amount of money you’ll spend doing damage and wasting your further funds on products that don’t work will cost you far more in the long run!

Does Snoring Affect Sleep Quality?

Getting a good night sleep is something that an overwhelming amount of people in the developed world say they can’t accomplish. As a matter fact, I will be first in line to agree with the sentiment, though my sleep issues are largely not the same as the ones I’m discussing today. I personally have lived with insomnia my entire life, as well as an utter inability to establish anything remotely resembling a circadian rhythm. I have seen sleep specialists, and honestly, there’s nothing they can do for me. But, I’ve learned to live with that. However, you may not necessarily have to consign yourself to the same fate.

Sleep apnea is one of the biggest problems leading to people not sleeping well, second only to stress or other external factors. But what is sleep apnea? Should you see a sleep apnea clinic in Melbourne about your problem? Can you deal with sleep apnea on your own?

Snoring is a bad sign!

So, what is sleep apnea? What are the detectable symptoms? Well, it’s a potentially serious condition where your breathing and breathing rhythm are disrupted during sleep. You may hold your breath for periods of time, or simply not breathe in a steady rhythm while unconscious. This can result in snoring, which probably doesn’t seem like something that would directly affect you, but perhaps any partner sharing your bed.

The symptoms of sleep apnea, aside from snoring, are fatigue, restlessness and still feeling absolutely tired when you wake up the next day. Sleep apnea is not the only cause of still feeling tired the next day, nor is snoring a guarantee that you suffer from sleep apnea, but these are commonly-associated things.

I snore, according to my girlfriend, but have not been diagnosed with sleep apnea myself, so I am living proof that snoring isn’t a guarantee that you suffer from this condition.

What can I do about this?

So, your first reaction to a sleep problem is almost certainly not going to be seeking out a clinic. Honestly, who can blame you? Getting appointment, taking the time out of your day to drive to the place, the expense of getting some kind of treatment… All of this adds up to seeking other methods first. Many people will try sleep aids, which can help you get to sleep, but do not solve the problem of poor sleep quality in all.

Other people will try strips that expand the nasal tissue on their nose, which for mild sufferers of apnea or other constricted breathing passage problems, can indeed work. I have never been able to breathe well through my nose, and you find that the strips to help me at least a little.

When being diagnosed, or potentially diagnosed with apnea, many people will immediately then turn to something like a CPAP machine. Well, these machines, intended to guarantee a positive, continuous flow of air, do work in theory. However, a great many people, myself included, could never sleep with that thing attached to our face.

Seeking a sleep apnea clinic in Melbourne?

Don’t assume that a sleep clinic is just going to advise you to go with some sort of sleep aid, or try to strap you down with a CPAP machine, as these are just common, mostly over-the-counter solutions available really from any chemist shop or the like.

A clinic like SleepWise will connect you with physicians specializing in sleep and the various biorhythms associated with it. They will be able to look closely at your lifestyle, physiology and environment, and deduce a host of factors that may be contributing to your sleep apnea, or your overall lack of quality sleep. Even if you aren’t diagnosed with apnea, a clinic like this one can definitely help you, as they deal with other sleep problems as well.

If you don’t get a good night sleep, your health will decline, as will your mental health. Over enough time, you will grow increasingly depressed, irritable or even suffer from severe psychotic breaks over enough time. Yes, it can be that serious, even if it doesn’t seem that way yet.

If you aren’t getting a good night sleep, you owe it to yourself, those who love you and to your professional life to visit a place like SleepWise and get to the root of the problem right away.

Low-Investment Small Business Ideas to Try in 2021

low-investment small business ideas to try in 2021

Are you up for starting a business? Do you dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur but low on cash?

In this blog, you are going to unbox some great tips and ideas to run a small business in 2021 with the minimal investment you own. There will be both online and offline business ideas to match your feasibility.

Remember, no matter which option you choose you must hunt for a unique selling point or something that can make your brand stand apart. Almost every industry and niche has been covered but the one with distinctive attributes, let it be the business model or service type, can succeed in the fiercely saturated industries.

So, here goes the list of top business idea you must try. Read on:

Service-Based Online Business Ideas:

low-investment small business ideas to try in 2021

Service-based businesses have the most demand. As convenience and ease are the two main traits, every business is now providing beginning a service-based plan would help you take over the market much more quickly. You just need to choose a service plan that has a vacant space in the market as that will eventually generate demands that are more organic. Here are some commonly adopted business ideas:

Food Delivery Business

As per the statistics, the revenue generation in the online food delivery business has estimated to reach up to US$151,526m in 2021. That’s how huge the business size is, now to give a tough competition you either should have a unique vision or good capital. You will need an app with minimal functionality and a stable connection with other diners. In this way, you do not have to physically be present anywhere. It will be a one-time investment of both efforts and money. Once the apps start working, the orders will be directly dispatched to the restaurant without there being a need for your intervention. You will enjoy the fruits of revenue.

Taxi-Booking Services

Coming up after the food delivery business comes the taxi-hailing services which too has projected a rise in demand in recent years. For this kind of business, you will need an app to connect the passengers and drivers and a third app to get the admin panel. You can keep a watch on the performance and reports and generate tons of revenues without breaking a sweat.

A Mini Grocery Store

low-investment small business ideas to try in 2021

If you want a proper brick and mortar store near your house in the local town, you can go for opening a mini grocery store. Irrespective of the size, never ever a grocery store has been shut down due to no visitor count. There will be people coming to your store to shop and as time will pass, they will become more aware of the things you keep and that will build up the reputation. You will be able to reap good benefits in the long run. All you need to do is to collaborate with the brands and suppliers and give them a certain share or negotiate on the basis of price.

An Ecommerce Store

If you look at the stats, you would be amazed to find that the eCommerce sales account for 14.1% as compared to all the retail sales. The best part is that this industry has a maximum capacity for further growth. The industry is expanding and new ideas are being followed. Those who can come up with an exciting business model can reap overwhelming outcomes. You need an eCommerce store with a minimal stick at the beginning.

As the business proceeds, you can broaden up your collection and online reach that will eventually increase the magnitude of lead generation and sales. You can even collaborate with brands and other online platforms for drop shipping the products. In this way, you will not have to invest in managing the inventories.

Launch Your Own Book

Do you want to pursue your career as an author? Do you wish to become a best seller? By composing a book on your own, you can generate stable revenue. All you need is to get a good plot idea and begin composing a book. Get the content improvised by an expert or hire a consultant who can guide you about the intricacies and complications. You have to ensure the quality of your content and the flow to keep the readers amused. Look for publications after that and publish your book. Selling book is one of the most promising businesses that need little investment but reap benefits in the long run.

Start A Shisha Business

Shisha lounge can help you earn a lot in a short time. All over the world, there are uncountable shisha lovers who crave an outlet to get their desired versatile form of tobacco. Many countries have legalized smoking shisha and doing their business. You can set up an online store and offer exotic flavours to your customers. Make different blends and organize the store with a proper product collection. You do need a license for you to go for opening up a cafe. You will have to check if the region you are about to choose permits or not. Shisha business is one of the growing industries and shows a lot of capacity for revenues.

Clothing Line

It’s not about opening up an entire clothing line, you can choose a certain category and do great in it. You can go for customized scarfs and shirts as these are in demand. There are many brands online that offer customized stuff to people. Getting their name inked on shirts, mugs with creative quotes and pictures are things that have great potential to attract huge traffic. What you need is some blank shirts and mugs and a contractor who would help you design the customized orders.

Join An Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate marketing is yet another profitable and easy to start a business. It revolves around promotion and marketing. If you have pretty good contacts and knows some professional techniques to market products and stuffs easily online and offline, you must for an affiliate marketing plan.

What you have to do is hunt platforms that offer the plan and sign up for their plan. Create your social media channels and start interacting with people addressing the benefits of the product. Upon each sale, you will get the said commission. Once the product link is spread among the people, you will not have to do anything, just sit back and count the dollars.

Wrap Up

There are millions of amazing ideas that you can try this year. After the COVID pandemic, it has become easier to start a business online as well. Apart from this, online platforms like Facebook and Instagram are providing tons of opportunities to create a stable store without many investments. So, come up with new and exciting ideas and bring out the best for yourself. You can start a painting shop online or can even create your YouTube channel to share beauty tips, weight loss guide or showcase your talent to get a greater number of follower count. Keep the hunt for ideas going to generate greater revenues.

(Re)new approach to Fitzroy Street launches

(re)new approach to fitzroy street launches

Seven exciting small businesses opened the doors to their first shop fronts on Tuesday (March 2) under the Renew Fitzroy Street initiative delivered by Port Phillip Council, Fitzroy Street Business Association (FSBA) and Renew Australia.

Council contributed $75,000 to the enterprise, which was matched by the FSBA.

The forward-thinking program has seen several landlords donate their vacant shops to up-and-coming traders, with rolling 30-day rent-free licences negotiated by Renew Australia, giving the temporary traders time to test the market without committing to a lengthy commercial lease agreement.

(re)new approach to fitzroy street launches

The Renew Fitzroy Street participants have been chosen to complement, not compete with, the existing mix of retail in the precinct, encouraging locals and visitors alike to venture down to the famous street to support the new traders, while discovering or revisiting another shop, café or bar at the same time.

The shops will remain up for rent throughout the duration of the project, with property owners hoping the renewed buzz along the shopping strip will encourage businesses to join the established Fitzroy Street neighbourhood.

Renew Fitzroy Street participants:

• Shop 1/63 Fitzroy Street – Farm Goat SUDS Soap (goat milk soaps)
• Shop 2/63 Fitzroy Street – Mike Stretch Finds (Australian streetwear)
• Shop 4/63 Fitzroy Street – ARTWORKS St Kilda Artists Collective – Flo & Co. (florist) – Mr Macramé (fibre arts, wall hangings, plant hangers and more) – Rus Kitchin – Visual Artist and Cartographer of Chaos (visual artist) – Tom Cerdan – Autodidact Artist (visual artist)
• Shop 7/63 Fitzroy Street – Calistags Plants (living art pieces)

Quote attributable to City of Port Phillip Mayor Louise Crawford

“We’ve been working closely with Renew Australia and the Fitzroy Street Business Association on this project so it’s fantastic to see it all come together. We wish the new traders well and hope they, along with their established counterparts, all benefit from this clever concept. Fitzroy Street has had some tough times, but we believe there is a real feel of rejuvenation underway which will only increase when the Victorian Pride Centre opens this year.”

Quote attributable to Renew CEO Angela Simons

“Renew Fitzroy Street has been designed to bring new ideas and businesses to this iconic shopping strip to increase foot traffic and engagement with the area – a great opportunity for our participants, as well as existing traders. None of this would have been possible without the generosity of property owners.”

Quote attributable to Fitzroy Street Business Association President David Blakeley

“This is such an exciting opportunity for some of Melbourne’s best creatives to join an established retail environment, where they can test out their ideas and build an in-person customer base. We’re hoping the flow-on effect of Renew Fitzroy Street will be the further growth and development of Fitzroy Street into one of Melbourne’s most vibrant and sought-after commercial zones.”

Quote attributable to Thomson Real Estate Agent Chris Stoupas (on behalf of property owners)

“The retail leasing environment has faced many challenges over the last few years so when we were approached by Renew Australia, we were excited to participate. We hope this will give the new tenants the lift they need and result in vacancies ultimately being filled.”

Quotes attributable to Calistags Plants owner Sophie Brabenec

“The partnership between Port Phillip Council, Fitzroy Street Business Association and Renew Australia has provided an incredible opportunity to expand Calistags Plants into retail premises in the heart of St Kilda. The concept of bringing small businesses into vacant spaces rent-free means I can have a go at growing my business, without many of the financial challenges start-ups like myself usually face.”

Renew Australia has successfully tailored retail projects in Docklands, Geelong and Wollongong and many other cities around Australia.

For more information, go to: https://www.renewaustralia.org/project/renew-fitzroy-street