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Best Ways to Care for Your Dentures



Loss of teeth need not be a cause for you to become a hermit and never mingle with civilization again. Investing in the proper and accurate dentures can definitely help not only regain your lost confidence but you can even scale more heights with a dazzling smile and your wits. Dentures are the replacement of lost teeth or teeth. It can be just for one tooth or the whole set of 32 teeth and you can opt for partial or completely removable ones and as they provide complete support to your facial muscles, it is of utmost importance that you take care of them. With their support, you can

Do’s for denture care

When you opt for dentures you will have an extensive sitting with your dentist. Most often than not, a bacterial infection that enters the bloodstream finds its origin in the cavities of the teeth where food particles are lodged.

best ways to care for your dentures

Hence, here are a few basic care routine for your dentures:

  • Once you are done eating, remove the dentures and give them a thorough wash. Make sure to rinse them properly. The best way to ensure that food particles are not stuck between the ridges is to let the dentures be subjected to running water, tap water will be enough. But, make sure the flow of the water is not too fast as it can cause damage to the dentures.
  • You also need to talk to specialized dentists to highlight how to go for the daily care of dentures. Since there are times when you wear them all day, the cleaning and maintenance of the dentures also need to be done in the best possible manner.
  • When you are brushing your mouth, make sure to do the same for your dentures. Always brush the dentures after taking them out. Use a soft bristle brush to avoid damage or chipping and be gentle while handling the set.
  • If you have a set that needs to be kept flexible and in shape, you need to make sure that you immerse the dentures inadequate water and overnight. You can ask your dentist if you need any special solution for soaking or if water is enough. In this case, make sure that you thoroughly rinse the dentures when putting them on.

Don’ts for denture care

  • Avoid using harsh cleaning solutions or washing your dentures with regular dish cleaning soap. You also need to avoid any toothpaste that has whitening in the tagline. These toothpaste often contain hydrogen peroxide that will not affect the denture in any positive way.
  • If you have a loose fit, do not keep wearing the set but immediately contact your dentist and get the dentures correctly fitted. Ill-fitted dentures not only cause difficulty with chewing but leave more space for food particles to get trapped between the gum and the dentures this can lead to many gum diseases.
  • While the function of these fittings is to provide you with proper teeth replacement, these are not your natural dentures, and tugging at them will cause warping or loosening of the setting of the dentures.
  • Although dental implants are one of the newest fashions, yet the benefits that you get with dentures, of course, are of another importance. They are now becoming more common among patients. It is one of the best ways for enhancing smile aesthetics.

best ways to care for your dentures


Having dentures not only boost your confidence but also helps you feel better when you go out. Caring for the dentures properly will increase their lifespan. That said, do remember to have the dentures and your oral health be examined by a dentist on a routine basis.