Having a curb appeal is important since your curb is the first thing your visitors and each passerby see. Therefore, you need to make it look good not only for others but also for yourself and your family. Everyone wants to live in a nice house, but most people dream about having fancy furniture, expensive kitchen appliances or a pool, even though having a good-looking curb is also necessary. Here are the details you should take into consideration when designing and maintaining the curb of your home:

1. Landscaping

Landscaping is the easiest way to make your home stand out. If you decide to spruce up your curb make sure to make it look attractive at first glance. Also, you need to consider the color of your home before you decide to plant certain flowers. It’s important for colors to look well-put and organized. Additionally, it’s advisable to make your landscape low-maintenance so it’ll be easier to sell. When it comes to plants you can choose nandinas, boxwoods, beautiful pink hydrangeas or roses. It’s necessary to pay attention to the symmetry so everything will look balanced and neat.

2. Walkways and driveways

Walkway design is important since it leads straight to your doorstep, so you want to make sure it looks welcoming and pleasant. Since they act as a focal point, you want to make them look appealing as much as possible. They don’t have to be boring, you can play with different types of stones or concrete blocks. Add various shapes and colors to make them look interesting and fun. Winding bricks or flagstones are a great choice, depends on the vibe you want to achieve. If you prefer laidback style, you can opt for bigger stones or blocks, and even leave some grass between them. On the other hand, if you prefer the minimalist design, just add some pavers and make sure to add some plants so everything will look greener. As for the driveway, you want to make them practical since they’re meant to be used every day, and also be sure to make them easy to use, so they won’t be easily damaged by constant driving and parking.

3. Choose wisely your front door and windows

Your front door has to look inviting yet also protective at the same time. Your guests should feel welcome, but it’s also necessary to show to random strangers that your house is protected from intruders. Invest in a heavy door that looks elegant and also neutral. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t style them as you please, as a matter of fact, you can paint them in a bright color so your home will stand out more. Plus, if you feel extra crafty, you can make your own house number and feel free to customize your doorbell, too. As for the windows, they should also be matching the doors and the house architectural design. You also need to know the right use for your windows, so you’ll be able to make them practical and easy to open and shut.

4. Right materials are the key

Using the right materials can make or break your curb appeal. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing, because the materials you pick should be long-lasting and durable. Your house is exposed to different temperature and weather conditions, so you should invest wisely. Your home should be able to be resistant to corrosion and to have a minimal effect on the original design. In that case, opting for metal cladding will be more than enough to keep your home protected and safe for many years. In case you prefer other materials you can use stone, brick, fiber cement or porcelain tiles, as well. 

5. Appropriate roof

Choosing the proper roof shingles is essential to your curb appeal, even though it may seem unimportant at first. The roof can contribute a lot to your house attractiveness, and besides, it can also be a design element. Also, be sure to choose the right roof color. The most popular choices are gray, red, brown and black, but you can opt for other, less common colors if you wish. Just be sure to consider some factors such as climate and your house color so everything will be coordinated and matched. If you’re unsure where to start, hire a reliable roof contractor who will help you make the right choice and show you the right way to maintain your roof.

6. Color palettes

Colors are crucial in regard to curb appeal as they are usually the first thing we notice, wherever we go. There are too many color combinations that can boost your curb appeal, such as light and dark blue, white and black or even green or brown. If you want to keep it simple, you can choose simple and neutral tones instead. Gray, cream and warm taupe are all neutral and elegant hues that will make your home look classy and timeless. 


To conclude, these tips will help you enhance the look of your home and make it more appealing to everyone. There are a lot of DIY options that will help you save money, so if you’re good with hands, feel free to try them out. Having a pretty curb will make your home look more gorgeous, as your home is only beautiful when its surroundings look good, too.