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Bentleigh – Event director of sexpo






This is Bentleigh.
He is the Event Director of SEXPO. I’m sure he is many other things too – husband, father, friend – but I don’t care.

How do you get to become the Event Director of SEXPO? 
I led a pretty boring life, did the standard university thing , a short gap year (of four weeks), and then found a full time job in project management. After 11 years and rising to GM of that particular company, I felt it was time for a sex-change, oops I meant sea-change.

Oh I see what you did there YAS KWEEN. How did you prepare for the job interview?
It was your standard, run of the mill interview. I had to prepare and get across the history and facts of the event. My wife busted me surfing adult websites – it took some convincing that it was part of research.

Job Interview Question #1 – what attracted you to the role? 
It presented an opportunity to take a world class event, and make it even better by adding my own flavour to it. I nailed it.

That’s what she said. What did you tell your parents when you got the job?
Nothing, they still think I’m in Seminary College. And no, they haven’t been to a SEXPO either.

What is the hardest part of the job?
I haven’t found one yet.

Can’t believe you would let that joke just slip by.  Who is the most interesting person you’ve met through your job?
Many of the celebrities and adult industry stars who appear at SEXPO are very different in real life, compared to their on-screen personas. I’m genuinely surprised at the “normal-ness” and pleasant nature of most of our guests.

You must get heaps of products sent to you for free – anything that you were very impressed with? 
One that stands out the most is a signed, limited edition Fleshlight by one of Australia’s biggest adult stars (if you’re not familiar with Fleshlight, look it up, warning, NSFW).

So are you good in the sack because of your job?
HAHA, despite what people might think about the type of person who runs SEXPO, I’m just a regular guy with a family. I prefer to be a “behind the scenes manager” and not one that seeks the limelight or attention.

I hear rumours there are live instructive performances (like Amsterdam) with people walking around with b0ners. Is this true?
Sadly not, every state of Australia is governed by different nudity laws, QLD is the strictest, while Victoria is the most liberal. We certainly do have live performances and demonstrations, but they are all conducted within the laws of the governing host state.

What can we actually expect going to SEXPO this year? 
This year’s Melbourne SEXPO (November 16-19) is themed “retro” with a throw-back to the glorious days of the 70s, 80s and 90s. All of our special interest lounges will be retro flavoured, as will our main stage shows. The décor of the event will see a number of cool things including a 2 metre disco ball and a Back to the Future spec Delorean. I don’t want to give too much away but we’ve also invited a number of very relevant “retro” stars from the USA to make some guest appearances. The Sprinks should all come down and check it out.

Is SEXPO just about s3x??
No at all; SEXPO encompasses a wide variety of retailers from the health, sexuality and lifestyle sectors. We also have a health and wellness room which delivers over 25 seminars on all sorts of interesting topics. Our main stage features over 40 live performances from some of Australia’s best adult entertainers and artists. SEXPO is more about an experience and a fun day out.

Eeeks I wear onesies and think that Dolly Parton should be knighted. I’m not sexy and don’t think I will fit in.
Chill Sprink, SEXPO is for everyone. Whether you enjoy sex or not, whether you get it once a year or once a day, it is a genuinely fun day out for singles, couples and even groups. It’s an open, judgement-free space where you can explore all your curiosities, speak to experts and be entertained by the hundreds of fun things to do.

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