benefits of compression tights for active lifestyle

The practices of any sporting activity today is increasingly professionalized. Athletes take care of every detail that makes them improve their performance. This is the reason that drives the existence of articles such as compression stockings that are used in sports such as skiing, athletics, tennis, cycling, triathlon and, of course, running.

In any park, athletics track or trail it is usual to find runners with running compression stockings that reach up to the knee, but the question is, what are these compression stockings, what are the benefits of using them and what styles are better for running? We will tell you everything below.

What are sports compression stockings?

Compression stockings are products that were initially designed to help people with circulatory problems, such as varicose veins. In fact, there are many companies dedicated to the care of the skin and feet that have such products in their catalogues.

Compression stockings help to improve the circulation of the muscles producing an important improvement of venous return. Its effect on the legs is to gently squeeze them to reactivate the circulation.

In the world of sports, these items have been used since the 1990s, especially in speed and strength disciplines, such as athletics or gymnastics. Nowadays it is common to see professionals using this type of clothing in practically any sport modality.

The popular fever that lives running and other sports disciplines such as cycling or triathlon for years, as well as the advantages of these products, has driven the increase in the use of these sports’ compression stockings also in amateur runners. When buying men’s compression tights in Australia, consider the following benefits.

Advantages of compression stockings for running

Running compression stockings have become a trend in recent years because their use has an almost immediate translation in sports performance. But there are more benefits to using comprehensive running clothes:

Improved athletic performance

One of the main functions of these garments is that they improve aerobic and anaerobic performance since there is an improvement in blood flow. By using compression stockings we get better oxygenation and a greater degree of resistance. If the oxygen consumption is lower, we can practice sport for a longer time.

Reduced muscle aches

Another important benefit is that its use significantly reduces muscle aches. Compression reinforces the venous return, which accelerates, and muscle tissues are more nourished and recovered, thus reducing the chances of suffering pain.

Faster recovery

A third advantage of wearing compression garments and that is related to sports performance is that they favour recovery. There are specific rest and recovery measures that reduce the inflammation caused by intense exercise. In this way, the recovery is faster, something indispensable for people undergoing a high training load.

Recommended for foot injuries

In turn, people suffering from injuries and constant pain in the Achilles’ tendons: plantar fasciitis, peridotites, tendinitis…, the compression stockings of running have an important restraint effect, avoiding excessive lateral movement of the twins.

Avoid heat loss in winter

A final reason to wear compression garments, not just socks, is that they avoid heat loss, something very important on days of cold, wind and rain, where muscle problems are more frequent.

Buy compression stockings

When buying compression measures it is essential to address a number of issues such as:

  • The size of the socks.
  • The type of training.
  • Choose styles that are especially suitable for the sport to be performed.

In any case, compression stockings for running should only be used for times of fatigue, so it makes no sense to use this type of equipment for short runs. On routes of less than 10 kilometres, another type of running accessories is advisable.

Strong compression stockings

Strong compression stockings are only recommended for athletes with a high training load. If these strong compressive garments are used for health reasons, they should be worn having previously consulted a medical specialist as they are appropriate items for serious venous diseases.

How to wear compression socks?

Compression knee-highs are medical devices whose beneficial effect is uniform pressure on the surface of the leg. This pressure must be declared by the manufacturer and tested on special equipment.

This means that:

  1. Compression socks are difficult to put on the leg since they tend to fit very tightly to the surface of the leg.
  2. They should not be pulled up too much since tissue fibres can be destroyed and the beneficial effect will be lost.

Many pharmacies sell special devices for putting on compression knitwear. However, in practice, they are not always available.

  • Pay attention to the condition of the nails on the hands and feet. Preferably, they are trimmed and trimmed with a nail file.
  • Examine the skin on the feet. In the presence of corns, corns, and rough sections, it is necessary to smooth them. Such defects can cause stretch marks and tears on the product. Therefore, the smoother and smoother the surface of the foot, the longer the golfs will last.
  • It is necessary to remove the rings from the fingers – they can tear the fabric.
  • Use gloves. Ordinary medical or household gloves are suitable – the main thing is that they are securely attached to the hand, and do not create inconvenience. As you gain experience in using the product with gloves, the need will disappear. But if you have an expensive manicure and long nails, then gloves are a must!
  • Wearing socks should be dry, and only on dry skin to minimize friction when donning.
  • When putting on golf legs should be rested. It is recommended to raise them above the midline of the body, and hold for 5-10 minutes. This will reduce swelling and reduce the swelling of the veins. People who are encouraged to use compression products continuously are advised to wear the product in the morning without getting out of bed. This will optimize the effectiveness of golf.
  • When donning, legs should be horizontal or slightly raised. In this case, the legs should not be lowered down.

Special instructions for golf

Do not pull these products up by the edges. Therefore, they are worn from the foot.

The generally accepted method of putting on compression golfs:

  1. Turn the golf inside out to the heel.
  2. Insert the foot into the footprint, and carefully align the fabric so that the foot is conveniently located along the entire length.
  3. Then, with your palms, slightly pull the golf on the leg, while turning it on the right side.
  4. Level the compression socks from the ankle to the knee. Straighten folds, if they appeared. It takes a little training, but over time, you will learn to do it quickly and correctly – the main thing is to understand the principle.

Be patient when putting on compression hosiery. Especially this recommendation applies to persons using products of the second compression class and above. Treat putting on golf as a light morning exercise.

The method described above is classic. It is recommended by manufacturers of compression products and therefore is considered the only right one. Additional methods are described for donning anti-varicose stockings or tights.


Important! If the doctor has prescribed you compression socks of the third or fourth class, it is better to buy special equipment for putting them on at the pharmacy, since it will be extremely difficult to do without them.

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