Beldon Haigh Drops the Ultimate Anthem ‘World Got So Dumb’!

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Music lovers and rebels at heart, buckle up because Beldon Haigh is back with a bang! Their latest single, ‘World Got So Dumb’, is here to shake things up and become the soundtrack to your revolution. If you’ve ever scrolled through your news feed and thought, “Seriously?!”, this track is your new best friend.

‘World Got So Dumb’ is a party for your ears and a wake-up call for your soul. Beldon Haigh is taking on the world’s madness head-on, with lyrics that’ll make you laugh, cry, and want to change the world all at once. This is your invitation to join the coolest club around: the one that’s all about rocking out while giving a big middle finger to the powers that be.

Imagine the best party ever, where the DJ spins a perfect mix of ska, reggae, and rock, and you’ve got ‘World Got So Dumb’. Justin Skelton shreds on the guitar, sending electric vibes through your veins, while those juicy saxophone lines make you feel like you’re at a live gig right in your living room. With Fiona Lynch and Lindsey Cleary’s vocals, Kevin Jefferies’ thumping bass, Dru Baker’s keys and horns, Jimmy Green’s epic guitar solos, and Jon Howells’ killer drumming, this track is a full-on sonic explosion.

Beldon Haigh isn’t just about the music—they’re about making you think. Known for their hilarious yet biting political satire, they bring humor and insight to their critique of the world’s biggest goofballs. Whether they’re wearing masks of Kim Jong Un, Trump, or Putin, they mix theatre with rock in a way that’s uniquely theirs. Their viral social media posts and worldwide fanbase are proof: these guys know how to stir the pot.

Tom L.

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