beat the heat – 5 tips for surviving the australian summer

beat the heat – 5 tips for surviving the australian summer

Summer is a great time to get out and go adventuring. You can usually count on a nice, sunny day, and there’s always plenty to do. Unfortunately, those nice sunny days often also come with temperatures in the 30s (and possibly even the 40s), so it’s important to have a plan in place to help you beat the heat.

Fight Chafing 

One of the most common issues you’ll run into if you’re out and about on a hot summer day is chafing. Friction and heat can be a recipe for disaster, and no matter how hard you try to prevent this uncomfortable skin condition, it’s probably going to sneak up on you at least once during the session. 

When this happens, you’ll want to have quick and easy access to the best nappy rash cream in Australia. While this may seem like an odd suggestion, nappy rash and chafing have a lot in common, so this cream will bring fast relief.

Stay Hydrated 

Another significant concern in high temperatures is the risk of dehydration. Our bodies are about 70% water, so if we lose even a small percentage of that, we start to feel the effects. As we become more dehydrated, the condition can even become life-threatening. Because of this, getting enough fluids becomes even more vital, so please make sure you’re drinking enough water.

Take Care of Your Skin

While taking care of your skin probably isn’t your top priority when you’re out enjoying the world, it’s integral to surviving an Aussie Summer. Sunburn is no fun and can be quite dangerous for your health if you get burnt badly enough. During the day, it is important to ensure that you’re applying SPF regularly. Overnight, a good moisturiser for both your face and body is definitely in order. This is a great habit to get into in months when conditions aren’t so harsh, but it is particularly vital in summer. 

Wear Breathable Clothing 

Another thing you’ll want to be mindful of is the material your clothing is made from. Many synthetic materials will trap moisture against your skin, which can lead to irritation or even infection, so it is important to select lightweight, breathable clothing when you’re heading out for the day in the heat of the Aussie summer. Organic cotton is always a good choice, but linen, hemp, bamboo, and other breathable fabrics are also strong options.

Create a Cool and Calm Environment 

Finally, at the end of a long, hot day, it can be quite hard to sleep, especially when overnight temperatures are still in the high 20s to 30s. Running an air conditioner overnight isn’t always economical, so it’s important to have other strategies in place to help your nights be as restful as possible. 

Cooling bedding has become quite popular in recent years and the use of an aromatherapy oil diffuser can help create restful vibes and encourage sleep when loaded with the right oil blends. Breathable pyjamas are also going to be your best friend throughout summer, and a nice cool drink on your bedside table will never go astray.

The Australian summer is harsh. Temperatures soar, and if you’re not properly prepared to deal with them, it can be nearly impossible to beat the heat. Having said that, however, it’s also the perfect time to get out and enjoy the beach, visit a winery, or go adventuring with your family. So, follow these tips, look out for each other, and go enjoy the sun!