Bar Liberty


Bar Liberty @ 234 Johnson St
It’s that time of year when Fitzroy’s kewlest wine bar Bar Liberty, opens the back courtyard for some fun summer dranking. The inside bit is kewl and v.posh for the hood, offering all globe drink carts and swords made for slicing the top off expensive Champagne.

But outside.. well it is more.. it’s more Sprink. They serve mthrfckn GOON BAGS. Legit.
Yep. Bar Liberty is bringing bagged wine back, and mostly it’s good because you can make jokes like “can’t wait to hit the bags later” or “can you believe I smashed all those bags last night?”, but it’s also good because the wines are delicious and fun. Pick from three different colours (pink, red or white) and if you’re hungry there’s a short, vaguely Middle Eastern menu with things like falafels and hummus with house-made flatbread. When I asked the chef why he put these things on the menu, he said he wanted to “serve some falafels with flavour”. Burn, everywhere else. So there you go. High class GOON and falafels with flavour.

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