BALLOT-MILLOT et Fils, Meursault Genevrières

2015 - $195

ballot-millot et fils, meursault genevrières
Tasting Note: The cork was wet almost to the end.
I would have nominally ruled the bottle out on that point alone.
However, it did not taste faulty, everything smelt and tasted as it should. Having said that, I was expecting a lot more from this wine.
In the wines defence, there is bottle variation/difference in bottle condition. Unfortunately, as I stated I was expecting a lot more from this wine. And in this instance for me, it failed to impress me.
A dark golden yellow colour, which for me was darker than its 5 years would indicate.
Floral hints laced with brown nuts. Mature lemon flavours are not overly bright, As expected not a lot of acid. There was a smooth aftertaste with hints of minerals, but nothing outstanding or wow factor about this wine.
All in all, I have not been overly impressed with any of the wines labelled Meursault over the years.
I have found them in general to be a little lacklustre.
However the wines labelled Puligny-Montrachet that appear to come from just down the road, I find them to be outstanding, go figure.
French wine labels are hard to understand just where they come from ect. Vineyard, town, grower, as they can put a famous name on the label even though that vineyard might be a mile away. So don’t hesitate to ask the staff for advise on a wine. (just don’t ask my rep)
Wine fact:
* When you’re paying over $30 a bottle you should be getting a good quality wine. With some sort of Wow factor.
* Meursault wine is produced in the commune of Meursault in Côte de Beaune of Burgundy.
1 Star, And even then it’s bloody lucky to get that. The wine was ok, However this bottle did not inspire me at all, I found it very disappointing. But the rep who sold me this wine raved about it. So it’s down to the taste of the individual I guess.
His taste buds were clearly up his bum.

Michael Lillis

In this case, the Rot really has set in.