Balenciaga: A Lookbook to the Future of Fashion

balenciaga: a lookbook to the future of fashion

Balenciaga is pretty much unrivalled in the highest ends of luxury streetwear, offering a plethora of intricate designs to hit the ground running in a trendsetting way.

There are mainly two kinds of fashion brands and designers. The first, in no specific order, is the kind that goes with the flow – designing clothes and accessories that are perfectly attuned to the latest trends. Then there is the other kind that envisions the future, takes risks through revolutionary experiments, and effectively, shapes the future trends of fashion. The latter is what we like to call a trendsetter.

This categorization can be found in all the different classes of fashion brands – from the ultimate luxury to the fast-fashion retailers. Balenciaga certainly falls in the trendsetter category, as the brand has been cultivating a revolutionary, futuristic spirit since the days of its inception.

Early Days of Balenciaga

Balenciaga was founded back in 1917 in a cosy street of San Sebastian in Spain. It was founded by the iconic designer Cristóbal Balenciaga – the couturier known for his uncompromised standard and pioneering craftsmanship. The store soon expanded to open shops in Barcelona and Madrid. When the civil war broke out in Spain, the brand and its designer moved to Paris, which remains its headquarter to this date.

The early designs of the brand were mostly influenced by the Spanish Renaissance, with its visionary founder’s creativity on mesmerising display. The brand became so popular for creating a revolution in high-end fashion that people even risked their lives during the Second World War to check out its latest collections!

Although Balenciaga is revered as the mentor of all couturiers, he was never inclined to be a part of the fashion establishment. He and his brand were suited to challenge the establishments with their visionary takes on everything from clothes and accessories to the ways of the fashion business. He was the one who snapped models draped in his collection and archived them in a styling book after all, long before people even conceived the idea of a lookbook. This uncompromising take on fashion translates in all the brand’s collections, which are technically less haute couture and more streetwear.

Balenciaga for Modern Women

While over the years, Balenciaga has been under different artistic directors, the futuristic nature of their dresses still persists to this date. It is a brand that observes social habits with an aesthetic eye, before designing clothes and accessories to complement that in a most comfortable way.

In today’s collections, the fashion house aims to explore chic styles incorporating elements of the past, present, and the future. It results in some strikingly elegant collections, sometimes representing accidental ideas and fittings to set the trend of the future.

As a result, whether it’s a long coat, a bomber hoodie, a denim jacket, super cropped jeans, or something else, the brand’s street-style attitude can be found everpresent. The accessories are made to not only complement that but also enhance the fashion attitude.