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Bad Reviews Affect Wine Sales

This is an extract of an article I read in Wine Business Monthly.

And I find it to be so true, as I work in retail wine, as a wine judge, a sommelier in restaurants and wine bars and now a barman.

I have seen the results of good and bad reviews in the newspaper lift out – Epicure wine, from years ago, an entire Australian vintage 2011 being written off because some dick forgot to explain, in the Yarra Valley 2011 produced stunning Chardonnay and wonderful sparkling wines.
Example number 2.
In 2011 Margret River experienced the best vintage in 10 years and the list goes on. We don’t always get the full overview, just snippets of news and other people’s views, which sometimes we take as Gospel.
“No other sector is analysed and scrutinised quite like the wine industry in both the good times and the poo.
Every wine is studied and picked apart like the heart and lungs of a lab rat.
And the findings from the white coats are made public – one or two points sometimes being the difference between moving booze and not being able to put bread on the table and shoes on little feet.
If your wines bomb out in the Crystal Brook Show, even though your customers love them and you can’t meet demand, your doughnuts are listed in the booklet for everyone to see.

There’s nowhere to hide; the pressure to perform never ends. It’s one thing to build a great brand; another thing to maintain the stars, vintage after vintage, no matter how many hailstones and dry dams come your way.” – WBM.

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Michael Lillis

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