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Tracey Clayton is a passionate writer, online article editor and a mom to three girls. In her spare time, she likes to do research, and write articles to create awareness regarding healthy lifestyle.

Expert Advice: Interior Design Trends to Follow

expert advice: interior design trends to follow
Forget about marble, copper and subway tiles! This year is all about embracing warm materials and colours that come from nature. If you are designing or redesigning your home, and want it to be up-to-date with interior design trends, we’ve prepared 7 top trends...

A Guide to Building Your Dream Home from Start to Finish

a guide to building your dream home from start to finish
Bringing your dream home to life is a wonderful experience. However, you have to be very careful during the construction, since that process is going to affect how you’ll live for years to come. Therefore, just like with any other project, you’ll want to...

7 Car Repairs You Should Never Do Yourself

7 car repairs you should never do yourself
People who don’t maintain their cars regularly usually pay more for repairs once their vehicles break down. Putting off maintenance will reduce your car’s lifespan, and repair bills of a failed engine, failed emissions test, and bad brakes can be hefty. However, there are...

Millennial Housing Trends: Your 101 Guide

millennial housing trends: your 101 guide
Researchers by nature and lovers of all things digital, millennials are a generation that makes for the second largest section of the population, expected to outnumber the generation of Boomers. Millennials are already reshaping the housing market, and their heavy influence will only continue...

8 Tips on How to Successfully Deliver Construction Projects on Time and on Budget

8 tips on how to successfully deliver construction projects on time and on budget
Construction was always an industry known for the scale and complexity of its projects which often include a vast number of different activities and participants working together to achieve incredible results. The more of these factors you throw into the equation the harder it...

Firearms with Children in the House: How to Keep Everyone Safe

firearms with children in the house: how to keep everyone safe
About a third of U.S homes with young children have a firearm in the house which means that some 2 million kids are at risk of a gun-related injury. Children are naturally curious and very skilled at finding hidden objects so even a concealed...

How to Spice Up Your Love Life After Having a Baby

how to spice up your love life after having a baby
Many people believe that after having a child, you can say goodbye to your sex life. And even though this can happen, I personally believe that it depends on you and your attitude only. Of course, if you already accept that your love life...

5 Things You Need to Make Solar Panel System

5 things you need to make solar panel system
The ever-so-popular solar panel systems have made our lives significantly more sustainable. And even though there are so many systems being used today, the fact is that an average person actually knows very little about them. The fact is that you can just hook a...

Awesome Ways You Can Be Kinder to the Environment While Traveling

awesome ways you can be kinder to the environment while traveling
If you’re an eco-conscious person, the mere idea of traveling can cause some uncertainty and hesitation. On one hand, it’s our innate human desire to see the world, explore foreign cultures and enjoy new and unique experiences. But on the other, the last thing...

7 Ways for Your Business to Stay Competitive in 2020

7 ways for companies to stay competitive in 2020
There is no denying we are living in a golden age of entrepreneurship – the pool of fresh business ideas seems almost inexhaustible, various funding channels are probably more numerous than ever and the rise of web technologies has pretty much leveled the marketing...