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How to Avoid Car Salesman Scams

Used car salesmen have always had a reputation as being wheeler-dealing, smooth-talking cads who are selective with the truth, or just downright liars. Of course, this is mainly just an old stereotype, but there are some tricks the less than reputable car salesmen will...

How to do Latte Art – A Beginners Guide

Drinking coffee is a ritual one does not give up easily. The taste of that first cup of joe in the morning may well define the rest of your day. It’s not the liquid itself that boosts your mood; it’s that feeling that coffee...

Top 5 Tips for Buying and Restoring Old Houses

If you are aiming to buy an old house that has character and restore it in a modern fashion, then you should be prepared for the full journey. With enough patience and dedication, this could be the path to the home of your dreams....