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I am a freelance writer and creative. Based in Rushcutters Bay Sydney, I am part bohemian, part hippie - born with a silver spoon I decry the modern geopolitical space! No word is too small and no poem to great, I will put my pen to it all, for WriteFuel.com

10 Smartphone Etiquette Tips for 2020

10 smartphone etiquette tips for 2020
In the modern era, many people now see their smartphones are not just a tool, but an extension of their being. For many users, their devices are with them all the time and they find themselves habitually chatting, texting, surfing the web, tweeting, etc....

This Is The Carbon Footprint Of The Food You Eat

this is the carbon footprint of the food you eat
Ever wondered what the environmental impact is of your meals? When it comes to our global carbon footprint, almost a third of it is due to the food we eat.  Unsurprisingly, the most emissions intensive food humans eat is red meat.  While the least amount of greenhouse...

Benefits of Professional House Cleaning Services

house cleaning products
What difference would it make in your life to have hours more free time each and every week? Time where you can focus on your own passions, hit the gym, or just relax with a coffee in the sun.  This might sound like a pipedream, but...

Benefits Of a Getting Your Clothes Cleaned & Dried by a Laundry Service

benefits of a getting your clothes cleaned & dried by a laundry service
Not sure if it’s worth paying to have someone wash your jackets? Washing machine rental company Directappliancerentals.com.au state, “washing machines have come along way in terms of environmental friendliness. Although for an invention that dates back to 1908, washing machines are still a huge ‘drain’...

5 Bright Reasons To Invest In Chandeliers

Have you dreamt of your own sparkling chandelier?  Many people today find minimalistic home designs cleaner and more appealing than larger house designs and don't see a reason to invest in a chandelier. The same applies to the fixtures they use in their homes.  For many,...

9 Entrepreneurial Qualities That Breed Success

9 entrepreneurial qualities that breed success
Do you want to be successful? Joining the ranks of the multi-millionaires of the world might seem like a far-fetched dream. However, your objective as an entrepreneur should be to strive for success no matter what.  No matter how lofty your ambitions, your character should always...

10 Ways to Get What You Want Out of Life

is it the end of the road for serena williams?
Getting what you want out of life may seem to be easier said than done. Many people have their sights set on certain goals but sometimes they don't seem to be moving towards them.   Trying a variety of things is what many people are interested...

A Comprehensive Guide To Tearing Down A House

machinery tearing down house
A comprehensive guide to tearing down your house is vital if you're looking to tear down your home. Tearing down a house can be a straightforward affair, especially if there are no specific areas worth protecting.  However, the process can be intimidating for most first timers,...

Things You Need To Know About Bankruptcy & Finance In Australia

things you need to know about bankruptcy in australia
How much do you know about bankruptcy? Bankruptcies are at a 24-year low in Australia, but if you run a business you still need to know what to expect if financial difficulties occur. It is absolutely vital that you understand bankruptcy laws in Australia if you...

What’s Making Novated Leasing so Popular in Australia?

Are you looking to finance a car and want to find the most cost-effective and efficient way of doing so? Novated leasing could be the answer. Novated leasing has been around since the 1980s. More recently it has become the method of choice for organisations of...