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I am a freelance writer and creative. Based in Rushcutters Bay Sydney, I am part bohemian, part hippie - born with a silver spoon I decry the modern geopolitical space! No word is too small and no poem to great, I will put my pen to it all, for WriteFuel.com

A Comprehensive Guide To Tearing Down A House

machinery tearing down house
A comprehensive guide to tearing down your house is vital if you're looking to tear down your home. Tearing down a house can be a straightforward affair, especially if there are no specific areas worth protecting.  However, the process can be intimidating for most first timers,...

Things You Need To Know About Bankruptcy & Finance In Australia

things you need to know about bankruptcy in australia
How much do you know about bankruptcy? Bankruptcies are at a 24-year low in Australia, but if you run a business you still need to know what to expect if financial difficulties occur. It is absolutely vital that you understand bankruptcy laws in Australia if you...

What’s Making Novated Leasing so Popular in Australia?

Are you looking to finance a car and want to find the most cost-effective and efficient way of doing so? Novated leasing could be the answer. Novated leasing has been around since the 1980s. More recently it has become the method of choice for organisations of...

How To Manage Your Personal Finances

personal finance mindmap
It can be tricky to be an adult, especially if you love to shop and are not good with numbers.  There is so much to do, and so many things that can be seen across the country, and all of it costs money.  Many of us...

How Art Staging Impacts The Sale Of Your Home

Art hung above bed
It’s often said that a bare structure allows potential buyers the freedom to imagine how their next homes will look like.  Most people though, believe that home staging gives potential buyers an effective starting point to decorate a new home.  Specifically, art staging has a big...

4 Ways Windows Help You Save on Electricity

modern home with tinted windows
Are you looking for a simple way to conserve energy and save money on your next power bill? The answer is clear. Your windows. Cold air entering the house and escaping heat are some of the biggest causes of strain to HVAC systems.  Did you know more than...

7 Tips For Buying Your First Home

house for sale suburbs
Buying your first property is a daunting task. Where do I even start?  What don’t I know?  Information overload is an inevitability. First home buyers are generally uncertain about the home loan application process. Especially when it comes to the steps necessary to get approval and any grants...

Essential Appliances For Moving Into A New Home

essential appliances for moving into a new home
So you’ve finally gotten your new property and moved all your old stuff in, but now you need to invest money into new appliances to make it really feel like ‘home’. You’ve heard about the benefits of having a clean home, so keeping it minimal...

Hair Today. Gone Tomorrow: What Causes Thinning Hair

When it comes to women, many of us have a highly personal relationship with our hair. It often contributes to your identity, whether you have long thick waves or dead straight bangs.  However, as many as 50% of women will experience female hair loss in...

Can you secure a home loan on a single income

can you secure a home loan on a single income
Are you thinking of purchasing your own dream home? If you are single and looking to buy property in most of Australia’s capital cities, you will most likely be locked out.  The challenge comes from Australia’s high median property prices, with this becoming even more of...