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I am a freelance writer and creative. Based in Rushcutters Bay Sydney, I am part bohemian, part hippie - born with a silver spoon I decry the modern geopolitical space! No word is too small and no poem to great, I will put my pen to it all, for WriteFuel.com

7 Tips For Buying Your First Home

house for sale suburbs
Buying your first property is a daunting task. Where do I even start?  What don’t I know?  Information overload is an inevitability. First home buyers are generally uncertain about the home loan application process. Especially when it comes to the steps necessary to get approval and any grants...

Essential Appliances For Moving Into A New Home

essential appliances for moving into a new home
So you’ve finally gotten your new property and moved all your old stuff in, but now you need to invest money into new appliances to make it really feel like ‘home’. You’ve heard about the benefits of having a clean home, so keeping it minimal...

Hair Today. Gone Tomorrow: What Causes Thinning Hair

When it comes to women, many of us have a highly personal relationship with our hair. It often contributes to your identity, whether you have long thick waves or dead straight bangs.  However, as many as 50% of women will experience female hair loss in...

Can you secure a home loan on a single income

can you secure a home loan on a single income
Are you thinking of purchasing your own dream home? If you are single and looking to buy property in most of Australia’s capital cities, you will most likely be locked out.  The challenge comes from Australia’s high median property prices, with this becoming even more of...

Why You Need to Organise Your Will Today

Person writing in notebook
How often do you think about the future? Making sure your family will be taken care of if something happens to you should always be a priority. That’s why chatting with professionals and planning for tomorrow, today, is important. Your wishes will be carried out when...

How to Set Financial Goals and Actually Achieve Them

how to set financial goals and actually achieve them
Are you struggling to manage your finances and reach your business goals? Maybe you’ve read several posts about finance tips, but you haven’t managed to put anything into practice yet. What you’re missing is purposefully setting financial goals Goal setting is essential for any business to...

How to Decide What Business to Purchase

Looking to buy a pre-existing business? This is an easy way to get one step ahead of the rest, before you even get started. By buying an existing business, you can benefit from the business’s history and existing successes - but also failures.  The company you...

Youth Sailing Program Helps Young People Navigate Life’s Challenges

Balmoral Sailing Club, run by Jono and Sylvie Allen for the past 28 years, holds many programs and lessons that help young people navigate life’s challenges.  Learn to sail and school holiday programs are included in the many activities that Balmoral Sailing Club hold to...

Is Blockchain the Change the Australian Legal System Needed?

is blockchain the change the australian legal system needed?
Blockchain, a decentralised ledger system introduced alongside the more well known Bitcoin back in 2009, is gaining attention ten years on. With the potential to improve the usability, security and capabilities of current internet infrastructure, the concept of blockchain - what it is, what it...

What is a Personal Injury Claim?

what is a personal injury claim?
5 Essential Things You Need To Know If You’ve Been Injured Personal injuries are a lot more common than most people think. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare “in 2014–15 over 36,000 people were admitted to hospital due to non-fatal injuries sustained in...