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5 – 7 May

5 – 7 may
Who won the date with Mimi? With votes coming in from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, parts of Europe and South America the competition was fierce like my cat when she wants to be fed. The Sprinks put forward three major contenders to win the heart...

28 – 30 April

28 – 30 april
Maddawgs of Melbourne This is Hass. He is a Bosnian boy who moved to #WorldsMostLiveableCity 2years ago after he met Melba KWEEN Amra, at Tryst on Chaps. He fell in love with her straight away. ‘She got me – she did the magic. When I saw her...

21 – 23 April

21 – 23 april
Maddawgs of MelbourneThis is Mimi. She is erryboys dream gurl: bae, kewl, single and SMRT. When she finished her masters in architecture (half of which she did in Berlin at Berghain) she returned to an industry that was hit by the GFC. A mate of a mate hooked her...

14 – 16 April

14 – 16 april
Maddawgs of MelbourneThis bae mother of two is Xanthe. She has a wonderful British accent and is the kind of person who calls agua con gas, disco water. She was a chef for many years, and made some top notch grub in her lil restaurant...

7 – 9 April

7 – 9 april
Maddawgs of Melbourne This is Paul. He is a comedian. He loves football BUT he is also a strong FEMINIST which makes me want to chuck him on my shoulders and parade him around the ‘G singing Montell Jordan’s one and only track. He was living the #Australiandream as...

24 – 26 March

24 – 26 march
Maddawgs of Melbourne This is Di. She is straighty one-eighty 9-5 but on the weekend and after werk, she is, by all accounts, a rat bag party animal. You can find her touring manufacturing plants trying to work out policy reforms by day.. and downing champers* in...

17 – 19 March

17 – 19 march
Maddawgs of Melbourne This is Anna. She grew up in the Western suburbs of Melbourne where her first job was delivering loaves of dad’s bread to all the locals who used to high-five her but as she is Asian she wasn’t nice to them until...

10 – 13 March long weekend

10 – 13 march long weekend
Maddawgs of Melbourne This is Casey. He is the head honcho of Andrew McConnell’s empire, running the kitchens of Cutler & Co, Cumulus Inc and Marion (best. restaurant. evah).  He has always been into cooking ever since his first job as a kitchen hand at 13 which...

3 – 5 March

3 – 5 march
Maddawgs of Melbourne This is Shaun. His life changed when he turned on the telly one day. He grew up in Baddaginnie (near Benalla) with his trucker Dad, nurse Mum, three older brothers, and a younger sister. They lived the typical country LYF swimming in dams, dodging snakes, snogging...