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Nicky – Britpop, magazine covers and garbage

nicky – britpop, magazine covers and garbage
This is Nicky. A Hungarian photographer and general ledge, he has lived, partied and done all the illegal things with the Britpoppers of the 90s. He is an award-winning videographer and photographer who has lived in Shanghai, London, Bangkok, New York, Hong Kong, KL… How...


tarot reading
The Tarot Card Reading BY SAM THE REVIEWING THINGS GUY House of Tarot @ Port Melbourne – I recently lost my tarot V card with Tania at HoT in Port Melbourne who is Melbourne’s answer to Lizzo. She was preaching all kinds of self-love and I WAS...

The Sprinkler 13 – 15 Sept

13 – 15 sept
Archibald Prize @ Yarra Valley – David Wenham: proving God is a straight cis female, sis Fringe Festival @ cbd – Zooey’s haircut finally get the recognition it deserves and everyone finally agrees 500 Days Of Summer was awful, but still better than Garden State...

6 – 8 Sept

Moja @ Seven – get ya Afrobeats intro this Sat, the owner is turning 30 and will be turning it uuuuuup. Sprink’s get VIP, hit up my box if you wannaFace To Face @ Yarra Valley – living IRLBrazilian Day @ CBD – a...

Laura – Wild Woman

laura – wild woman
This is Laura. A shy kid growing up, she left city life at 18 she spent years working on islands, at ski resorts and diving around the Pacific. Back home she hit that 9-5 suitLYF for 10yrs, was in a crap relationships, wound up full of anxiety...

31 Aug – 1 Sept

31 aug – 1 sept
Rockdogs Supergroup @ Brunners – a bunch of rascals are let out on stage including N’Fa, Johnny Rock and The Sprink in her TM leopard onesie. Should you want to pash 2/3 of these people, come along Sat night. BYO lip balm / meds Melb...

Tam – that secret life

tam – that secret life
This is Tam. Six days after turning 18 she moved to Canada, and at various points lived in Paris, London and USA… working on ski slopes, sushi restaurants and theatre productions, not quite knowing quite where she would end up. It turned out to be THE TOP...

The Mean Streets of Collinghood

Sprink was driving the backstreets to her co-working space, ready to play ping pong on astroturf… when she saw four guys gettin in biffos. ‘Twas 10:34am. Sprink stopped the car “Oi WTF are you guys doing? STOP IT” she yelled out at the 4x 6ft2,...

23 – 25 August

Underground Cinema @ Sshh – if The Sprink were to start doing events which is a possibility, they’d be a mix of Underground Cinema and a Tina Arena concert in a cupboard, starring everyone on the 86 tram. Also The Sprink is going to this...

I saw a UFO

i saw a ufo
It was 7:43pm on a Monday about 5yrs ago when my ex and I went to get ice cream (not code, we legit were getting ice cream). As we turned out of Canning Street, Carlton we both looked up to see a massive thing in the sky,...