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Felicity May about Mindframe and Marooned

felicity may about mindframe and marooned
On April 13 2018, The Age ran an article on a play by Michael Griffith then titled Sidelined which tackles the often-censored topic of suicide. ABC Radio National also aired interviews on Life Matters, Making a Play for Men.   The play now renamed Marooned is dedicated to my son Guy May who tragically took his life, impelling Griffith to take...

Trump, The Destroyer’s Brilliant Speech

trump, the destroyer’s brilliant speech
In History this may be seen a short, terrifying and brilliant speech. A turning point. In it he states that Americans will say "Merry Christmas" again. It's only a small line, but i suspect that that alone will him a second term. In my last job the corporate leaders killed Christmas. One year they changed the name of the "The Christmas Party"...

is 1620 a new theatrical male hero?

In the play Marooned, the character known only as 1620 is a modern man. An office worker, he is used to filtering his language so as not to offend anyone, or rather, get in trouble and lose his job. He’s not used to aggressive male to male conflict. Since signing up for a huge mortgage, he’s spent his days trying to...

The Lost Son his Mother and the Playwright

My son Guy May took his life two and a half years ago. He was 48 years old. He left behind family, friends, admirers, FB followers whom he had touched in a uniquely, inspiring personal way. The phrase, ‘once met never forgotten,’ personifies Guy. And yet, he is gone. How little we truly understand suicide, Guy was complex, suicide is...

There are not many good news stories about suicide but this is one

There are not many local good news stories about suicide, but we are one of them. His name was Guy May. He was tall, talented and an actor who had been Neighbors, and he was a friend who is gone. When MichaeI heard the news he saw the whole play in his head. Within two days it was written. He showed me,...

Why Staging this play is an act of political rebellion

The Play “Marooned” is such an interesting project. From its conception I wasn’t sure how it would travel. But then the readers got back and they were overwhelmingly positive. This is not only a great piece but it’s an important piece of theater which was why night after night they urged us to keep going and take this play...