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100% houses . . . Hey Covid, are we through?

100% houses . . .  hey covid, are we through?
If you want a great night out why not try Marooned. We guarantee you’ll be surprised. At the shows in Sydney the audiences and critics were not only raving about the shows, but laughed almost all the way through. And the new male members of the cast are adding a whole new flavour to it. BOOK NOW It was an interesting week....

Is REAL too dangerous for Australian audiences? 

is real too dangerous for australians? 
Written by The Wolves Theatre Company's Playwright, Michael Gray Griffith, REAL is a DANGEROUS play.  But is it too dangerous for Australian audiences? Why not come along and watch it and tell us your thoughts? The esteemed actor John Wood will play along side Ezra Bix one of Melbourne's most respected theatre actors. Also on stage will be Elizabeth O'Callaghan and...

7th Floor Theatre’s production of John Patrick Shanley’s “Where’s My Money”.

7th floor theatre’s production of john patrick shanley’s “where’s my money”.
Tonight I went to The Burrow, an art's venue in Fitzroy to see "Where's My Money". This is a thoroughly independent theatre and in case I'm already boring you I'll get to the gist. Go see it! It rocks! In fact, I'd go further. All I've been hearing for a while now is how new theatre is dead, well...

The Circuit

the circuit
The idea, find cheap venues all over the suburbs of Melbourne where new plays could be staged cheaply with or WITHOUT grants. If the play fails they don't leave the theatre company with a massive debt, if the play works the company can travel it to the next suburb, and so on, improving the piece as they go until...

Marooned In Yarrawonga

marooned in yarrawonga
She was tiny. Most of her silver hair was pinned up in a bun apart from these wisps that defiantly fought to stay impractically and romantically free. "I cried", she said. "I haven’t cried in thirty years, but I cried tonight. You did that." " Do you want a hug?" I asked, then she lifted onto her toes and hugged...

The Wolves Open Melbourne’s Newest Theatre Space “The Den”

the wolves open melbourne’s newest theatre space “the den”
The Wolves Open Melbourne's Newest Theatre Space "The Den" The Wolves have a Den (Theatre) And we are opening with our play Marooned "Riveting the entire way through, with complex twists and turns that are entirely relatable to the audience. This is several stories on a trajectory no one can predict. This play has successfully tackled the enormity of a major...

A Meeting of Tribes

a meeting of tribes
We were asked by Kylie Graham, a Welfare Officer and Psychologist with the Defence Force to stage two shows of Marooned for the ADF in Melbourne and me along with the cast would like to thank her for her faith in the piece and us. We would also like to thank the General who funded it. It was, for...

Why we produced a play that tackles Suicide HEAD ON 

why we produced a play that tackles suicide head on 
Southbank Theatre: The Lawler 140 Southbank Boulevard, Southbank Victoria 3006 18th -28th Sept  2019 4 SHOWS LEFT BOOK NOW TICKETS   Marooned is not a suicide awareness play. We are all aware that suicide is a massive problem. What it is, is an attempt to be a powerful suicide prevention play. Not for profits were set up in order to make it ok to fail. They...

A Forgotten Truth or one Being Buried

My father is in his eighties and lives in Perth, every morning he walks up a hill and sits down for a few minutes and looks over the city.    Every time I’m over there he gets me up at 5.30 and asks me if I’m coming, a little condescension in his tone suggesting the hill is too tough.   My...

Marooned Public Rehearsals Come decide for yourself if it’s dangerous.

Marooned Public Rehearsals  Why not come and watch the powerful play developand decide for yourself if it's dangerous. Public Rehearsals  We are rehearsing in Toorak. We supply instant coffee and a chair. During rehearsals we ask that you don't talk but in the breaks feel free. The first public rehearsal is Friday the 9th at 7pm.  $10 Donation to attend. Please contact us if you'd like to...