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My monthly hello – May/June 2021

my monthly hello – may/june 2021
And so to...May/June. Just in time, really. At least it's not July yet.   Well, I've been busy. The campaign forgets us our Australian pensions here in France, continues. In fact, it just recently all got quite exciting.   I've been spreading the word far and wide, including to a bunch of French Associations in Australia, whose details were on the Embassy site....

My monthly hello – December 2020

here we are: marooned#4:
Of Covid-Christmas, weddings & babies, health, those damn pensions again, literary agents & novels, hot water and Morocco... And a very merry upcoming Yule to you all. I do hope most of you can spend it with family and/or friends, but if not, don't forget the marvels of Facebook video, Skype, Zoom and any of those techie solutions now coming...

Journal of (anothr) plague year

journal of (anothr) plague year
My monthly hello - March 2020                    ..... the newsletter you've all been waiting for This month, there will be no apology for my lateness. Not just because I always apologise for it, but well.... I think you will all be aware by now that stuff has happened. And everyone has a story...

Settle down for a good (and quick) read

settle down for a good (and quick) read
Wild wonderful retreat; a response from the Ambassador; a birthday in Blighty; temporary farewell to village house; upcoming wedding (not mine) and another Victorian blog. And Season's Greetings. Yes, yes. This time it's not even the correct month. But I have every excuse for my lateness, and also I think I'll call this the November/December newsletter. So a very merry...

My monthly hello – October 2019

my monthly hello – october 2019
...the newsletter you've all been waiting for Omg, October. Well, just. Never mind, I am reliably informed I'm not the only one to leave things to the last minute. This month is a little worse than usual. I have so many things on my plate right now that I have failed utterly to produce the blog on Victorians. This, of course,...

Out of sight, out of mind

out of sight, out of mind
Older expats in France ineligible for the Australian pension Older expat Australians who have moved to France prior to retiring permanently have made a distressing discovery: they can’t get their Australian pensions there. Many expect to face severe financial hardships and are fearful of a real crisis in their lives. Despite these expats being eligible on most fronts, including length of...