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Termite Trepidation – How You Can Prevent Infestations With Effective Treatment

When it comes to protecting your property, there can a list as long as your arm to get done. Some things, however, are more important than others. One of the more critical items on that list should be the treatment of your property for...

Doing Diversity Right – 5 Ways Australian Companies Are Creating Inclusive Environments

sales strategy 5 marketing tips that are proven to boost sales
A diverse and inclusive workplace welcomes people of all backgrounds, with the focus being placed on their fitness for the role rather than their ethnicity, age, gender, or disability. Cultivating this kind of environment has benefits, not just for the workers but also for...

The Skylight Switch: A Guide to Embracing Natural Light At Home

the skylight switch: a guide to embracing natural light at home
According to studies, it is generally recognised that Australians spend 90% of their time indoors, where they are getting very little natural light. If you are going to be spending more time inside, it’s crucial that you embrace natural light in your home. Finding...

5 Simple Storage Hacks That Will Change Your Life

5 simple storage hacks that will change your life
Keeping your house neat and tidy not only makes your home look better but will also ensure your space is more organised and functional. Being able to find what you need when you need it will help you to complete your day-to-day tasks with...

Everything You Should Know About Motocross Helmets and Other Gear 

everything you should know about motocross helmets and other gear 
Motocross is an adventurous sport. It is full of challenges. You take out your dirt bike from the garage and get ready to jump on the rough terrain full of dirt and mud. You wind up high in the air and land your bike...

Handyman’s Handbook: The Essential Tools of DIY

handyman’s handbook: the essential tools of diy
If you’re someone who loves getting your hands dirty with DIY projects, you’ll know how important it is to have all the necessary tools in your arsenal. Unfortunately, with so many tools available on the market, it can be incredibly confusing as to which...

Flat Findings: A Cheat Sheet For First-Time Apartment Living

copy of flat findings: a cheat sheet for first-time apartment living
Living in an apartment is one of the most practical, cost-effective and low-maintenance ways of setting up your first home. Apartments are easy to clean, often situated in trendy neighbourhoods and offer a wide variety of amazing amenities that are always at your disposal....

Lights Out Learning: How to Handle a Sudden Power Outage

lights out learning: how to handle a sudden power outage
Call your electrician It’s good to keep in mind that sudden and unexpected power outages may occur due to a number of variables, spanning from an overloaded circuit to a damaged fuse box. If you believe that damage has occurred due to bad weather, it’s...

Sprucing Secrets: How to Bring New Life to an Old House

sprucing secrets: how to bring new life to an old house
When seeking to renovate an old house, some people attempt to do it on a whim, seeing it as a challenge to be conquered or an opportunity to turn a profit. They look at a grand old house and see a bygone era that...

Why Melbourne is the Best City in Australia

why melbourne is the best city in australia
Melbourne was named the world’s most liveable city 7 years in a row from 2011 and 2017, and for good reason. Melbourne is an eccentric city filled to the brim with world-class restaurants, cultural diversity, and extraordinary art and culture.  There is something for everyone...