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The new ticketing technology that may make scalping a thing of the past

The New Ticketing Technology That May Make Scalping A Thing Of The Past
Is there anything more frustrating than paying artificially inflated ticket prices from second parties? As new anti-scalping laws are introduced in Victoria, our research suggests that frustrations with current ticketing systems may be a contributing factor to the continued success of scalpers. But new technologies are on the horizon that will help. Scalping is the practice of buying event tickets and then on-selling...

‘I am not buying things’: why some people see ‘dumpster diving’ as the ethical way to eat

‘i Am Not Buying Things’: Why Some People See ‘dumpster Diving’ As The Ethical Way To Eat
One person’s trash is another person’s breakfast. Each year, Australian households throw out some A$8 billion worth of edible food, with those aged 18 to 24 reported as the biggest wasters. However, this household figure is likely far outweighed by the value of food waste generated by commercial retailers. In truth, our youth are but one contributor to what could be...

What’s the net cost of using renewables to hit Australia’s climate target? Nothing

What’s The Net Cost Of Using Renewables To Hit Australia’s Climate Target? Nothing
Managed in the right way, wind farms can actually help stabilise the grid, rather than disrupting it. AAP Image/Lukas Coch Australia can meet its 2030 greenhouse emissions target at zero net cost, according to our analysis of a range of options for the National Electricity Market. Our modelling shows that renewable energy can help hit Australia’s emissions reduction target of 26-28% below 2005...

Science or Snake Oil: will horseradish and garlic really ease a cold?

Science Or Snake Oil: Will Horseradish And Garlic Really Ease A Cold?
Horseradish hasn’t been studied, and studies on garlic found it probably does nothing. from www.shutterstock.com Some of us may have heard that horseradish and garlic supplements help ease cold and flu. Blooms High Strength Horseradish and Garlic Complex claims it has a soothing antimicrobial action that helps fight off the bugs that can cause colds and flu and provides symptomatic relief from upper...

Queensland result, while decided on state issues, adds to Turnbull’s burdens

Queensland Result, While Decided On State Issues, Adds To Turnbull’s Burdens
The Queensland state election result makes the byelection in Bennelong on December 16 even more important. The Queensland election was decided overwhelmingly on state factors, as Malcolm Turnbull was quick to say on Sunday, but inevitably it has fallout for the Prime Minister. Four implications are obvious in the result, which ABC election analyst Antony Green predicts will be a...

Sunday essay: why grown-ups still need fairy tales

Sunday Essay: Why Grown-ups Still Need Fairy Tales
Edmund Dulac’s 1910 illustration of Sleeping Beauty. Wikimedia images For as long as we have been able to stand upright and speak, we have told stories. They explained the mysteries of the world: birth, death, the seasons, day and night. They were the origins of human creativity, expressed in words but also in pictures, as evidenced by the cave...

Is apple cider vinegar really a wonder food?

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Really A Wonder Food?
It makes a tasty dressing, but the health claims are overblown. Folk medicine has favoured apple cider vinegar for centuries and many claims are made for its supposed benefits. Apple cider vinegar is made by chopping apples, covering them with water and leaving them at room temperature until the natural sugars ferment and form ethanol. Bacteria then convert this alcohol into acetic...

Uber was hacked, so change your password right now. Here’s what else you need to know

Uber Was Hacked, So Change Your Password Right Now. Here’s What Else You Need To Know
The public disclosures Uber has made so far make it very difficult to identify Australians caught up in the data breach. Uber has admitted that a 2016 data breach put at risk the personal information of 57 million Uber users worldwide and at least 600,000 drivers in the United States. The ride-share firm’s CEO said that: two individuals outside the company had inappropriately accessed user...

More and more older Australians will be homeless unless we act now

More And More Older Australians Will Be Homeless Unless We Act Now
A homeless man sleeping rough in the city. More and more older people will be homeless on current trends. One of the most pressing challenges older Australians face is finding secure accommodation with suitable amenities. And as the numbers of older Australians grow, the pressure to provide housing that meets their needs is increasing. We may be facing a...

Energy ministers’ power policy pow-wow is still driven more by headlines than details

Energy Ministers’ Power Policy Pow-wow Is Still Driven More By Headlines Than Details
Still no clear skies for the federal government’s energy plans. A quick scan of this week’s headlines shows the government’s new energy plan would “slash A$120 off power bills” and that the “Turnbull government plan to address energy crisis predicts A$400 price drop”. Yes, the initial findings of the modelling of the federal government’s National Energy Guarantee (NEG) are out....