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A month in, Tesla’s SA battery is surpassing expectations

A Month In, Tesla’s Sa Battery Is Surpassing Expectations
A month into operation, the Tesla lithium-ion battery at Neoen wind farm in Hornsdale, South Australia is already providing essential grid services. REUTERS/Sonali Paul It’s just over one month since the Hornsdale power reserve was officially opened in South Australia. The excitement surrounding the project has generated acres of media interest, both locally and abroad. The aspect that has generated the most interest is the...

Sudanese heritage youth in Australia are frequently maligned by fear-mongering and racism

Sudanese Heritage Youth In Australia Are Frequently Maligned By Fear-mongering And Racism
Hip hop star Emmanuel Jal, a former child soldier for the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army in Ethiopia, visiting Sudanese school children in a Fitzroy community centre. David Crosling/AAP Recent criminal incidents in Melbourne involving young people of African heritage have enabled the media and politicians such as Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton to again capitalise on the opportunity to demonise those of African descent...

How music festivals can change the tune on sexual violence

How Music Festivals Can Change The Tune On Sexual Violence
Music festivals tend to be geared toward young audiences and may constitute the site of sexual harassment and assault against younger women This year’s summer music festival season has again been marred by several incidents of sexual assault. Three incidents of sexual assault were reported at the Falls Festival at Tasmania’s Marion Bay, in a repeat of similar incidents at...

Can I prevent food allergies in my kids?

Can I Prevent Food Allergies In My Kids?
There’s still a lot we don’t know about why more children have food allergy today With the rise in food allergies over the last ten to 20 years, parents are understandably concerned about what – if anything – can be done to reduce the chances of their child developing a food allergy. Expectant mums often ask whether there’s anything...

(At least) five reasons you should wear gardening gloves

(at Least) Five Reasons You Should Wear Gardening Gloves
Not just to avoid creepy crawlies.  from www.shutterstock.com Gardening is a great way to relax, be one with nature and get your hands dirty. But lurking in that pleasant environment are some nasty bacteria and fungi, with the potential to cause you serious harm. So we need to be vigilant with gardening gloves and other protective wear. Soils contain all sorts...

Stereotypes in the courtroom can prejudice our justice system – here’s how that can be fixed

Stereotypes In The Courtroom Can Prejudice Our Justice System – Here’s How That Can Be Fixed
As an extra-legal factor stereotypes can undermine fairness.  UQx Crime101x The Psychology of Criminal Justice In 2015, Canadian judge Brian Camp acquitted Alexander Scott for the rape of a woman at a party. According to reports, Camp questioned why the victim had not done more to resist the attack. He said: She knew she was drunk … Is not an onus on...

Explainer: how does sunscreen work, what is SPF and can I still tan with it on?

Explainer: How Does Sunscreen Work, What Is Spf And Can I Still Tan With It On?
Sunscreen protects from skin cancer, burning and from the sun’s ageing effects. PRONicki Dugan Pogue/Flickr Sunscreen use not only reduces the risk of skin cancer and sunburn, it also reduces the ageing effect of the sun. But whenever summer rolls around, it’s easy to forget the basics – like, how should I apply sunscreen? How long should I wait after applying it to go in the sun,...

The origin of ‘us’: what we know so far about where we humans come from

The Origin Of ‘us’: What We Know So Far About Where We Humans Come From
The story of where we come from evolves almost every year. Shutterstock/Eugenio Marongiu The question of where we humans come from is one many people ask, and the answer is getting more complicated as new evidence is emerging all the time. For most of recorded history humankind has been placed on a metaphorical, and sometimes literal, pedestal. Sure, modern humans were flesh and...

A riotous, often ribald exploration of feminism’s unfinished business

A Riotous, Often Ribald Exploration Of Feminism’s Unfinished Business
Installation view of Kelly Doley’s Things Learnt About Feminism #1–95 2014: a Day-Glo wall of wisdoms, homilies and histories.  Collection: Cruthers Collection of Women’s Art, University of Western Australia Photograph: Robert Frith - Acorn Studios What kind of feminist are you? Unfinished Business is a riotous and often ribald exhibition that offers a multi-voiced interpretation of feminism and the visual arts....

From sleeping beauty to the frog prince – why we shouldn’t ban fairytales

From Sleeping Beauty To The Frog Prince – Why We Shouldn’t Ban Fairytales
The famous ‘kiss’ scene from Sleeping Beauty. Disney Recently, an English mother, Sarah Hall, prompted worldwide media coverage in response to her suggestion that Sleeping Beauty should be removed from the school curriculum for young children because of the “inappropriate sexual message” it sends about consent. It’s not the only time fairytales have come under scrutiny recently. They are increasingly being targeted for “banning” within...