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Hissstory: how the science of snake bite treatments has changed

hissstory: how the science of snake bite treatments has changed
Gone are the days when we were told to suck out a snake’s venom. So what’s the current treatment and how have treatments changed over time? Summer is traditionally Australia’s snake bite season, when both snakes and people become more active. The human death...

Sunday essay: trace fossils – the silence of Ediacara, the shadow of uranium

sunday essay: trace fossils – the silence of ediacara, the shadow of uranium
Marcoo was a 1.4 kilotonne ground-level nuclear test carried out at Maralinga in 1956. The contaminated debris was buried at this site in the 1967 clean-up known as Operation Brumby As an archaeologist working in the remote areas around Woomera and the Nullarbor Plain,...

Do vegetarians live longer? Probably, but not because they’re vegetarian

do vegetarians live longer? probably, but not because they’re vegetarian
Vegetarians might live longer, but only because they’re more likely to be healthy in other ways, too In the past few years, you may have noticed more and more people around you turning away from meat. At dinner parties or family barbecues, on your...

Dietary guidelines don’t work. Here’s how to fix them

dietary guidelines don’t work. here’s how to fix them
Pastry or fruit? Dietary guidelines aren’t helping us make the best food choices Dietary guidelines come under a lot of fire. They have been accused of not being based on evidence, not being environmentally sustainable and being out of touch with nutritional science. They...

When the heat is on, we need city-wide plans to keep cool

when the heat is on, we need city-wide plans to keep cool
Cities are facing more heatwaves, but not all strategies to keep us cool are equal The recent spate of heatwaves through eastern Australia has reminded us we’re in an Australian summer. On top of another record hot year globally, and as heatwaves become more...

Why are we more likely to get cancer as we age?

It’s estimated our cells will replicate 10,000 trillion times in our lifetime. Errors in this process can lead to cancer It’s a sobering fact that one in two Australian men and one in three Australian women will be diagnosed with some form of cancer by...

Arthritis isn’t just a condition affecting older people, it likely starts much earlier

Arthritis Lge
No-one wakes up at 65 with arthritis. It’s a condition that starts earlier in life and perhaps goes unnoticed until it worsens later in life Arthritis is an umbrella term for over 100 conditions affecting the joints. All result in pain and...

Why older people get osteoporosis and have falls

Older people are more likely to have falls as their balance and muscle strength usually isn’t what it was As the world’s population lives longer, the significance of osteoporosis and fractures increases. In Australia, it is estimated that 4.74 million Australians aged over 50 have...

Productivity Commission re-ignites copyright wars by recommending ‘fair use’

productivity commission re-ignites copyright wars by recommending ‘fair use’
They’re still often more expensive overseas than in Australia The Australian Government has just released the Productivity Commission’s report into Australia’s Intellectual Property Arrangements. It’s a move that appears to have been designed to avoid some of the controversy of the copyright wars by releasing...

Sunday essay: the naked truth on nudity

sunday essay: the naked truth on nudity
Photographer Spencer Tunick celebrates the joyful, frivolous and liberating experience of public nudity. A major exhibition opens at the Art Gallery of New South Wales this weekend – a collection of nudes from the Tate Gallery in London. I’ve been quietly intrigued by the complexities...