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A modern and united Australia must shift its national day from January 26

A modern and united Australia must shift its national day from January 26
We must change the date of Australia Day again again if we want to achieve a national day that unifies all Australians. Increased momentum around changing the date of Australia Day reflects a growing sense that January 26 is symbolic of the Australia we...

Ursula K Le Guin’s strong female voice challenged the norms of a male-dominated genre

Ursula K Le Guin
Once and Future Podcast Hermaphrodite beings, dragon women, ambivalent utopias and sympathetic magic. Just a tiny taste of the fantasy and science fiction worlds created by Ursula K Le Guin, who has died at the ripe age of 88. Le Guin challenged everything that came...

Must we deprive ourselves of all pleasure to stay healthy?

Must we deprive ourselves of all pleasure to stay healthy
You know you shouldn’t smoke, or have sex without a condom if you’re not with a longtime partner. And when it comes to drinking, tea only, of course. Dominik Martin/Unsplash In 2018, I’ll quit smoking, really. And I’ll stop drinking alcohol, at least for...

How to have a better conversation about Australia Day

How to converse about Australia day
Conversations about Australia Day feel so polarised.  David Moir/AAP I’m going to hazard a guess that you’ve found the conversation around changing the date of Australia Day a tad frustrating. There are plenty of loud voices offering different views, but it doesn’t seem like there’s much...

Sustainable shopping: how to stay green when buying white goods

Susutainable Shopping Header
It pays to think very carefully about your new fridge.  DedMityay/Shutterstock.com Most of us have a range of white goods in our homes. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, common appliances include refrigerators (in 99.9% of homes), washing machines (97.8%) and air conditioners (74.0%). Just...

Get yer hand off it, mate, Australian slang is not dying

Australian slang Header
Aussie slang such as ‘budgie’, ‘greenie’, ‘pollie’, ‘surfie’,and even ‘mozzie’ are now also making appearances in global English. The Australian attachment to slanguage (slang language) goes back to the earliest settlements of English speakers in Australia. As Edward Gibbon Wakefield noted in his 1829...

Anthems, ‘ranthems’, and otherwise loves: nationalism in Australian poetry

Nationalism in Australian poetry
Dorothea MacKellar’s My Country, with its paen to a sunburnt landscape, excoriated Australians for their nostalgic love of English ‘grey-blue’ countryside and English weather. Mark Wassell/flickr A young woman of 23, Dorothea MacKellar (1885-1968), had a poem published in the London Spectator in 1908, titled...

Moral rights, artistic integrity and Cory Bernardi’s Australia Day playlist

Moral rights artistic integrity and Cory Bernardi’s Australia Day playlist
Tim Rogers at the 2016 ARIA Awards.AAP Image/Paul Miller Amid the debate over changing the date of Australia Day and Triple J’s announcement of moving the Hottest 100 countdown, Senator Cory Bernardi, leader of the Australian Conservative political party, has sparked criticism for arranging his...

Packaged products may contain more than the label states, including allergens

Packaged products Header
‘May contain traces of nuts’ labels aren’t always present in foods that could be cross contaminated. from www.shutterstock.com Our new study has found packaged foods can contain allergens even when there is no listed ingredient or even warning on the label (such as “may...

Latest eNews: HIR kicks off Season 2018, and introducing Pre-Show Parlour…

redstitch.netBW8166 1024x683 630fa36564e3a85702274f1814015efe50d94685
Welcome to our Season 2018! We are thrilled to be kicking off the year with the extraordinary play, HIR by Taylor Mac. New York playwright and performance artist Taylor Mac, captivated audiences last year with A 24-Decade History of Popular Music at the Melbourne Festival....