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renee geyer – happy birthday!
Gayle Blackmore Interviews our Blues Goddess I had the pleasure of a recorded phone conversation with Renee. I hope you enjoy listening. Friday 11th September is her birthday and MEMO (coincidentally or not) is celebrating by streaming Renee Geyer's MEMO Music Hall Live Stream Revisited –...

Kelly Auty Interview With Gayle Blackmore

kelly auty interview with gayle blackmore
Kelly Auty Band – Kelly’s Blues  Thursday 19th March 2020, 7:30 pm   @ the ember lounge Kelly and her band of brothers, featuring Brenden Mason from Madder Lake, come to the Ember Lounge with a mix of blues, roots, R&B, country mix of their finely crafted originals,...

Dingo Radio – Songs of Kerryn Tolhurst – Interview with Gayle Blackmore

dingo radio – songs of kerryn tolhurst – interview with gayle blackmore
A fascinating and informative chat with Kerryn Tolhurst by TAGG/Toorak Times Features Editor Gayle Blackmore Sound Editor: Michael Letho Sunday 15 March 2020, 3:00 pm feat. Simon Bruce, Alex Burns + Terry Dean  DINGO RADIO revisits classic material written by Kerryn Tolhurst throughout his musical career from...

‘IN THE BEGINNING’ – Live At MEMO Music Hall

‘in the beginning’ – live at memo music hall
Normie Rowe, Bobby Bright and Marcie Jones joined forces and collaborated on producing this vibrant, high energy show which entertained and definitely excited the audience. Marcie with her beautiful, amazingly strong voice performed a great variety of numbers i.e. uplifting, moving, deep feeling and one...

Normie Rowe interview with Gayle Blackmore

normie rowe interview with gayle blackmore
Enjoy Gayle Blackmore's chat with Normie Rowe, a very entertaining and informative podcast.  Normie Rowe "In The Beginning" – Live At MEMO Music Hall – Sunday 17 November 3:00pm w/guests Bobby Bright + Marcie Jones             Join Normie Rowe and guests Bobby Bright and Marcie Jones as they...

KATHY LETTE’S GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT Monday 4th November, 2019

kathy lette’s girls’ night out monday 4th november, 2019
Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne ticketek.com.au I hope you enjoy listening to the interview/phone conversation I had with Kathy Lette whilst she was travelling to the airport on route to Sydney. Kathy was raised in Cronulla, NSW.   She left school at the age of 16 and with her friend,...

Stewart D’Arrietta and band perform ‘My Leonard Cohen’

stewart d’arrietta and band perform ‘my leonard cohen’
MEMO Music Hall - Friday 13 and Saturday 14 September, 7:30pm   https://youtu.be/SWWud4mW51I I had the pleasure of a conversation with Stewart D'Arrietta, a world-class producer, actor, and performer of  'Looking Through a Glass Onion' and 'Belly of a Drunken Piano'.  Returning to Australia after the third season...