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Long Shot

Charlotte Field (Charlize Theron) is one of the most influential women in the world. Smart, sophisticated, and accomplished, she’s a powerhouse diplomat with a talent for…well, mostly everything. Fred Flarsky (Seth Rogen) is a gifted and free-spirited journalist with an affinity for trouble. The two have nothing in common, except that she was his babysitter and first crush....

Gabe Hogan’s Heroes

We can all be heroes, someone used a plastic bag as a floating device and the subsequent warning labels have saved many, many lives. An evil mastermind once tried to poison a town’s water supply with Valium. He failed, if anything, everyone got a better nights sleep. Hoges really really loves dogs, could they be the hero we've all been looking...


"Dead Weight”. That was what Christ Grammar Coach Russel of the Immaculate Conception’s B Reserve netball team called Charisa Bossinakis. She then dutifully quit her dreams of competitive sports and instead settled for comedy. This show has nothing to do with any of that. ‘Paquito’ is her second and much better foray into Comedy. It comes off the back of what...

Single Asian Female

Sassy, fierce and very funny – an incisive new comedy from award winning writer Michelle Law. Step into the after-hours of a suburban Chinese restaurant and meet a family of whip smart women who are definitely talking about you in their native tongue. At the Golden Phoenix, a restaurant on the Sunshine Coast, the last customers have left for the night,...


THE EXTRAORDINARY JOURNEY OF THE FAKIR takes us on a wild ride of coincidence and circumstance. Aja, a young fakir (magician) from the streets of India arrives in Paris in search of his past and his future. He falls head-over-heels for Marie, whom he meets amongst the cabinets and couches in an IKEA store, and plans to meet up...

Amity Dry in FORTIFIED

This is a war story. But there are no guns and ammo, just angry words and hurt pride. It’s a story about blowing up your life and starting again. About divorce, love, loss and discovering a strength you never knew you had. This is Amity at her most raw and heartfelt and if you loved her smash hit ’39...

Tomato Seeds in a Sandwich Bag

Karen Sims’s audiences are always grateful that her shows don’t focus on bodily fluids and gross and gratuitous swear words. Her current show, Tomato Seeds in a Sandwich Bag, directed, written and performed by Karen, is no different. She reveals a lot about herself but it never sounds needy or cheap. She can laugh at herself but is no...

Small Mouth Sounds

How do you speak your mind when you can't say a word? Six runaways from city life embark on a silent meditation retreat nestled away in the quiet of the woods. Their vows of silence collide with the achingly human need to connect; how do you speak your mind when you’re forbidden to say a word? Hilariously...

Jolly Goodfellow aka Rumpel One Big Story

Life is good, bad, happy, sad and everything in between. It's a puzzle, full of ups and downs, like a yo-yo betwixt tragedy and comedy. Got to somehow keep a sense of humour in this crazy mixed up world and help bring a smile to it, even if in the face of adversity, if it's possible. People are strange creatures....

FRIDA KAHLO: VIVA LA VIDA by Humberto Robles

AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE Presented by Théâtre Excentrique With Kate Boukallil as Frida Kahlo “Mesmerising and compelling. A treat by any theatrical standards. This really is a must-see.” London Theatre Guide On the Day of the Dead, Frida Kahlo is cooking and while she waits for her guests to arrive, she evokes Diego Rivera, Nelson Rockefeller, Leon Trotsky, exposes her opinion on art, Mexico,...