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David started writing for the Toorak Times in 2020. David's love for the finance industry and his passion for all things renewable energy drives his writing and focus. David has worked extensively in consumer finance as well as business insurance and runs a renewable energy company. 

Working From Home Is Here To Stay | How To Support Your Team When They Aren’t Around

working from home is here to stay | how to support your team when they aren’t around
As we see the vaccine roll out begin, you could feel Australian businesses take a small sigh of relief. While the battle is ongoing a small war has been won. With this, we are seeing more and more people going back to work. After working...

How To Reduce Your Energy Bill This Summer (2020 Edition)

how to reduce your energy bills this summer (2020 edition)
Australia is known for its amazing climate, beautiful countryside and possibly the best summer time in the world. However what isn't considered often is the rise in energy bills when the temperature starts to rise, the aircon gets turned on, the pool pump gets...