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I sat where they sat

i sat where they sat
So remembers the prophet, Ezekiel. He had journeyed with his fellow exiles from Jerusalem to Babylon. Refugees from their homeland. Holy City and Temple. Sad and disillusioned people of God. He was there with them experiencing the sadness and loneliness they knew. He felt for them. He was beside and with them. As a prophet, he felt a very...

chasing the wind

FAITH Growing up our constant companion was our faithful kelpie, Prince. Later came Tuppence, the kitten. Loved chasing and catching a ball of wool across the carpet. Prince looked on, indulgently. Then it was Autumn in the backyard, the brilliant morning sun shining through the leaves on the old oak tree. Leaves began to fall. Tuppence chased and chased the...


easter roads
For many Easter is a time for holidays.  To get away from it all, just to relax, or enjoy activities.  Many travel, we are warned that holiday roads are busy highways and need safe and careful drivers.  For others, Easter is also a holy time, a time of Holy days and festivals central to faith, a time to consider...

Anzac Day

anzac day
We journey to the Shrine along St Kilda Road. Proud leader, magnificent Light Horsemen. The long winding march following. Some marching, some walking. Veterans in cars. Families taking the place of loved ones, no longer with us…Proudly wearing medals, carrying banners. A display of historic military vehicles, some horse-drawn Uniformed servicemen and women, police in step with band music....

Black Rock

black rock ’56
Half Moon Bay Black Rock...Cliffs surrounding sand making and sea making an amphitheatre… An experience whatever the season…A family place for summer days. Colourful beach umbrellas, small tents dotted around, children at play, watched carefully in the water…A baby, at first apprehensive, then delighted as a tiny wave touches bare toes. Safe for a paddle and strong swimmers need...