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Ari Jacob Releases New Album Son Called Moon






This June Ari Jacob will release Son Called Moon the album, timed perfectly to coincide with the world premiere of the brand-new musical of the same name. The album features the recently released singles Permission and Feel It Coming. This highly anticipated album and musical is the culmination of a seven-year overseas sabbatical and brings together a mythical fable and a contemporary intimate story of love and redemption. The music takes the audience on a journey into days, nights, years and lifetimes of ancient spiritual teachings and raw human experience. Premiering at Chapel Off Chapel and starring Ari, the musical also features Irish performer Claire Burns and promises to be an innovative, unique experience for all who attend.

“Son Called Moon is a musical allegory for the spiritual quest of our generation, told through story about how the moon became the moon.” Said Ari. “It was born from my own spiritual research, from the questions that kept me awake at night and the struggles I had with my own identity. Wherever you come from, whoever you are, whatever you believe in, you are welcome to witness this incredibly unique moment in history and time, and to be a part of this deeply intimate theatrical experience.”

This captivating and masterful work by proud Jewish-Australian artist Ari Jacob is a deeply personal and transcendent theatrical experience with the album reminiscent of Gotye, Boy and Bear and even Pink Floyd. An adventurous and curious boy, Moon lies awake for hours discussing the universe’s secrets with Sun, the mysterious and ever-present feminine. When one day a mysterious and potentially dangerous fruit appears that even Sun doesn’t recognise, their relationship begins to bruise, giving way to paranoia and manipulation, sending the two on a journey through fear, isolation and longing.

Son Called Moon cast
Son Called Moon cast

The six-person cast and an exquisite nine-person onstage band will fill The Chapel with an innovative, ethereal original folk score, transforming the space into both a cozy living room and a vast galaxy. Directed by James Cutler this groundbreaking new show explores themes of shame and vulnerability, sexuality and religion and truth and wisdom. The musical is a modern prophecy for the end of days and a time when ‘the Moon will give light like the Sun.’

Ari’s grandmother and sister also appear on the album. The musical will employ staff from the All Things Equal café based on Carlisle Street, Balaclava where over half of its staff have a disability. Ari’s sister, who has ASD, also works at this café. Son Called Moon, the musical is the result of a years-long process of building the songbook and story, including 5 versions of the script and 16 songs that didn’t make the show. The creative process has traversed the globe and will premiere at Chapel of Chapel on June 22nd running to the 25th.

This captivating and masterful brand-new work by Ari Jacob is a deeply personal and transcendent theatrical experience, taking the audience into days, nights, years and lifetimes of ancient spiritual teachings and raw human experience. The album is released on Mammoth Records NSG and features international artists including Sydney-based singer Sarit Michael.

Tickets for the musical Son Called Moon are available from Chapel off Chapel for the flat fee of $60.00. The album is available now to stream on Spotify. Follow Ari on social media at Ari Jacob.

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