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Are You Planning To Transport A Classic Car? Here Are Your Tips To Make It Hassle-Free



Classic cars are prized possessions of the owners. They often have a lot of fond memories about their vehicles. However, people may want to move their classic vehicles for exhibitions, shows, or as part of their relocation plans.  

If you have a classic car and want to choose interstate car transport for it, you may have several questions in mind about the safety of the vehicle. Here are a number of tips to make your classic car movement hassle-free, even if you want to move them coast-to-coast.   

Choose The Right Car Transport Company

The service standards and reputation of your car transport company can guarantee the safety of your vehicle and ensure hassle-free movement. Therefore, you must do enough research about the company before scheduling the pickup. You can check the customer reviews in the independent review platforms, safety records, overall transparency, and more.   

You should also compare services offered by various classic car transport companies and the Car Transport Quotes they offer to the destination city. Most vehicle transport companies give upfront free quotes for their services based on customers’ specific needs. After shortlisting based on the review ratings, get quotes from 3-5 companies to ensure you get the best value and high-quality service. 

Additionally, you must ensure that the company is properly registered and have a license and insurance to provide safe transport.   

What Services Should You Look For The Transport? 

When you search for companies to transport your classic car, you should consider a number of services to make it a secure and hassle-free experience: 

Enclosed Transport: When you want to move your classic car, you may want to ensure protection from even weather elements for the delivery in pristine condition. Therefore, you should consider transport companies that offer enclosed car carriers for moving your vehicle to the destination.  

Door-To-Door Delivery: You must ensure that your vehicle transport company gives you a door-to-door delivery option. It avoids a lot of hassles related to moving vehicles and helps you better safety throughout the transport. 

Online Tracking: Live tracking gives you greater control over vehicle movement. Especially if you are relocating to the destination address, this can help you plan your journey and stay updated about the delivery time and date.  

Prepare Your Car For Transport 

After choosing the vehicle transport company and scheduling the pickup, it’s your time to make the vehicle ready for shipment. You can do the following: 

  • Properly wash the car and inspect any damage, including scratches. Take photos of the vehicle with a date stamp for claiming the insurance after delivery. 
  • Give written instructions to the driver of the vehicle carrier on how to operate the car. 
  • Your vehicle shouldn’t have more than a half tank of fuel. Also, ensure that the battery is fully charged. 
  • Remove any personal items from the car. 
  • Before shipping the vehicle, go through the terms and conditions of the contract agreement and ensure that you are fully understood them.

Final Thoughts

Ensuring high-quality transport for your classic car is critical as much as you care about the vehicle. Never choose under-rated or low-quality services that can put a stake in the safety of your car. 

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