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Are You a Traveller? Airports That Offer Lockers for Storage



Any traveller. Solo traveller. Family Traveller. Business Traveller. Here’s why you’re going to want the list of airports that offer storage lockers

Generally, the public doesn’t seem to spend too much brain current of storage lockers. Specifically at airports. Until you find yourself chasing down a two-year-old with a full change bag, a six-year-old and their associated toys, and a teenager with every single item of clothing they own- you don’t really consider how useful airport storage lockers can be.

Outside of parental peace of mind, storage lockers can offer a wide range of functionality and usefulness to just about anyone that travels. Premier Lockers, one of Australia’s leading storage experts lets us in on the lesser-known secrets to storage locker success.

Who Uses Storage Lockers

“What many people don’t realize, is that you can actually maximize your holiday travel and save a ton of money if you know how to use airport lockers correctly,” says the company. Premier Lockers says that capitalizing on long layovers can allow you to find not only cheaper flights, but you can also see more places on a budget.

“Using airport storage lockers to stow any unnecessary luggage while you go explore a city for the day is a cheap way to add an additional destination to your itinerary.” Meaning that you can snag that 14-hour layover in New York and explore the city without being over-encumbered with stuff, or spending tons of cash on an overnight hotel. Another clever cash saving strategy is using the same layover airports heading to your destination as those going back.

This allows you to store excess baggage or piles of souvenirs that you pick up throughout your journey. “This way, you won’t get price gouged for airline baggage for things that you don’t need to keep with you anyway.” Leaving that massive pile of destination magnets, shot glasses, and weird jewellery at the airport means you’ll only have to pay for excess luggage on your way home.

Brits are especially no strangers to the wide-stretching usefulness of airport lockers. Heading to holiday in the Canary Islands? Everybody loves a good beachside destination, but large winter coats and cold weather gear aren’t so useful once you leave the frigid shores of home. So instead of either freezing or sweating your way through airports- stow your warm and bulky clothing in a locker so its where you need it most.

Where to Find Airport Storage Lockers

Unfortunately, these lockers may not be as convenient to find as everyone would hope. “While it’s not uncommon to see airports in Europe and Australia having several types of storage and lockers available, you may be hard-pressed to find them in some other countries.” Specifically, the US.

Thanks to the massive terrorist moves in 2011, many airports in the US hesitate to offer these types of storage solutions to their patrons. While some of the bigger airports do offer types of bag storage services, they are nowhere near as easy or as cheap as the airport lockers that they have replaced.

Some major airports offer bag stow agencies that can be found at the lost luggage counter – although they rarely advertise these services. “When you’re planning an itinerary that requires some baggage storage, consider doing a bit of research first to ensure that you will have somewhere safe to keep your belongings.” Premier Lockers reminds us.

Another stumbling block to easy-to-use storage systems in airports is that some come with maximum storage times. In Copenhagen, for example, patrons can only store bags in the airport locker system for up to 72 hours. While these time constraints may work well for some, they’ll leave others without options. Have fun whilst in Copenhagen.

The bottom line is should you need to get storage savvy, there is usually an option available to you no matter where you are. “Hostels and hotels are other great places to look for daytime baggage lockers.” Says the company. “As many of these places will offer free storage of bags and articles throughout the day, or even week, of your stay. Free of charge. Make sure to check with your accommodations to see if they have storage available, as occasionally it’s a better value than airport lockers anyway.”

Regardless of what system you come up with to handle all that excess baggage that every traveller is prone to carrying, convenient storage solutions open up a new dimension to travelling. One that should definitely not be overlooked as you plan your next excursion.

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