ANGOVE 1886 Barossa Valley Shiraz

2017 - $80

angove 1886 barossa valley shiraz

The Wine

This wine comes from the Angove stable of well-made wines. In the glass, the wine is dark almost purple displaying a dark red rim. Light silky tannins layered with soft dark fruits. There are wisps of blackberries wrapt in rich chocolate soil and unmistakable ripe, rich dark Barossa fruit on the nose.

PLEASE NOTE:- To enjoy this wine to the fullest. Decant, Decant, Decant. Let it breathe for at least 4 hours.

Or alternately you could pour yourself a big glass and put the cork back in the hole straight away! Taste the wine, take a mental note of what it tastes like. Don’t pull the cork back out for 24 hours. Let the wine open up overnight. (This works for me)

I put this wine in the Fine Wine category.

For me the wine is rich and luscious in the mouth, it’s full to mid-weight with fine-grained tannins.

No aggressive lumps or bumps there is a slight hint of French oak with a long easy finish that builds & builds. The wine has a lot of power without being a big Barossa fruit monster.

The wine is a balancing act between ripe Barossa fruit backed up by a fine line of mineral-laced tannins to round it out. Giving the wine a warm full to mid-weight finish that goes on and on.

I really rate this wine.

The Food

I enjoyed this wine with an old favourite, simply because it’s so easy to cook.
Slow-Cooked Lamb Shanks with braised onion & Pomegranate syrup simply served with creamy mashed potato and good quality crusty bread smothered with butter.

You basically – brown the meat put it all in a pot, stick it in the oven and turn it over every now and then. Enjoy the aroma as it cooks, sit down and have a glass or two of wine, just how easy is that?

Michael Lillis

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