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All You Need To Know About The Large Format Printing



Marketing experts always struggle to showcase their company’s profile prolifically. The better and enigmatic the advertisement is, the easier it is to attract a large number of consumers. What is the core part of an ad? Of course, the banners, posters, and the high-tech printed material speaking elegantly about one’s goods and services. But, what makes these formats so accessible and enriching? It is the large format printing that has extended the scope of advertisement.

In past times, only a few companies were providing large format prints, that too, at the cost of premium charges. However, with digital advancement and modification in the printing technology, large format prints have become highly cost-effective and versatile with better printing quality. You must not mistake large format printing with large prints as the latter was limited to the specific sizes only.

In the large format prints, graphics emit the reality that speaks much better about your company. It is similar to digital printing wherein the ink is applied directly over the product rather than the substrates. It is not only quick but also produces high-quality images. The quality of prints depends on the type of substrates used. Generally, these come under two categories – rigid and roll.

Typical Products Used In Large Format Printing

Every printing company does not provide all kinds of products. However, the renowned large format printingcompaniesoffer a range of printing products as below-

  • PVC vinyl banners: Banners made of PVC vinyl are water-resistant and do not wear much by outdoor conditions. It can typically be up to 5m in size and has eyelets to ensure easy hanging. Whether you want to promote your product or expand your brand, PVC vinyl banners can be ideal in most cases.

  • Self-adhesive vinyl: It is a durable and long-lasting printing material, which plays an active role in making the best impact both inside and outside. When used under high-quality printers, it produces eye-catchy graphics that are quite striking on hoardings, walls, and windows.

  • Wood and metal: Most large format printing of the companies have special equipment that allows efficient printing on rigid materials like wood, aluminum, steel, and other metallic surfaces. It means full format printing is playing an effective role in taking the art of exhibition and photography to the next level.

  • Roll up banners: The most popular, portable, and easily accessible promotional tool is roll-up banners. Almost all business units, event venues, retail marketers, and exhibition centers use roll-up banner stands for effective advertisement.

The benefits of large format printing are enormous that have taken the printing projects to the next level. Due to the usage of high-quality UV cured ink, it remains unaffected by environmental factors like heat, sun, rain, and storms. The better the quality of the ink is, the more durable the printing becomes. That’s being said, the material used for printing also plays a subtle role to ensure a long-lasting finish.

Before proceeding with your printing project, consult the printing experts and convey your ideas and requirements to them. They will provide you with original thoughts on the type of material and ink suitable for the desired output. Whichever company you prefer, make sure they do not compromise with the quality of ink and overall finish.

Every material may not be suitable for your particular printing needs. Hence, prior to choosing materials and the design, seek professional advice. A quick Google search would provide you enough ideas on the typical quality of print using the particular material. Now, if your doubts on large format printing are cleared, it’s time to enhance your store’s visibility with the help of the same.