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All You Need to Know About Carports at One Place



Carports are a smart investment. Cheaper than a garage, it also encroaches less on living space. Also, your car is always dry and is protected from frost. What are the elements to consider when buying a carport? We present them to you below.

Why buy carports?

A carport offers all the benefits of a garage but at a lower price. Under these conditions, the construction of a garage would be a pure loss. The carport also offers protection against bad weather and frost. Besides, cars dry faster under a carport thanks to the action of the wind, which makes corrosion impossible.

A carport also allows you to save space and reduce your energy bill. A garage requires much more space and increases the heat loss from the house each time the door is opened.

Choice of material: aluminium or wood?


Two materials are very popular for carports: aluminium and wood. Wood has a rustic personality, ideal for classic homes, but requires a great deal of maintenance. An aluminium carport will accompany you all your life. Since aluminium does not require any maintenance, you will no longer have to worry about it after installation.

If you choose the aluminium carport, you will have a lasting solution. Besides, you will always find a colour perfectly suited to your facade or your joinery.

  • Choose your carport according to your region and its weather: If for example, you live in a region in which hail falls are recurrent or in which the winds are strong, it will be better to choose a permanent option that is as solid as possible.
  • Remember to take aesthetics into account to preserve harmony in your garden. Indeed, if your house has a roof with red tiles, it will be better to choose a carport whose roof has the same characteristics, so that the result is visually more harmonious.
  • You can use the carports the way you want. Indeed, the carport is in the form of a shelter which can be used for different occasions. If you receive people, you can then remove your car and use the carport as a garden shed by arranging below garden furniture, tables and chairs or even a spa.
  • The budget is an essential criterion since it is quite evident that a PVC carport will be less expensive than a wooden carport, for example.

How to determine the dimensions of a carport?


When you measure the space required for your carport, consider the following:

  • You should be able to get in and out of your car comfortably
  • You must park your car easily
  • There must be enough space in front and behind the car
Carport can be the solution you need and when you take services from a reputed carport design agency, you don’t have to worry about the quality and maintenance for a long time. You neighbors might have already started using it, and it’s time you start using it too!


Obviously, our purpose is not to say that we must necessarily do like the others. However, when deciding as to the type of wooden garage we should choose, taking an interest in what people in other countries are doing is wise.

It is common knowledge that unlike the Americans, Canadians, British or French, most of the Australians have not yet chosen to live in wooden houses. In certain European nations, less than 4% of the homes are made of wood, while in North America, this rate exceeds 90%!

So, before you decide on the garage model that suits your vehicle, take the time to discover all the advantages of the carports.