all you need to know about beachwear

In order to feel comfortable while relaxing at sea, you need to follow a certain dress code. This refers to special clothing for the beach, on which the quality of your vacation will depend to a large extent.

In order not to overload your bag with unnecessary things, it is recommended to prepare for its filling in advance, having thought over the wardrobe necessary for such a case and to arrange all the clothes in accordance with this.

The usual minimum for a beach holiday most often consists of a pair of T-shirts, shorts, a light dress, slippers, and for the evening – some beautiful outfit and shoes with heels. But why does it often happen that the things brought in remain intact, while others have to be purchased on the spot?

Types of models for the beach and leisure

Summer is, first of all, bright colours, and beachwear should be in harmony with them. Summer holidays and formal suits of dark shades are incompatible things.


Marine outfits for vacation are bright tunics and clothes of neutral colours, which can be combined with one another. A thing can be considered universal if you could come up with three options for images with it. You can safely send such a thing into a suitcase.


It should be light natural materials in which the skin will breathe easily. Do not take clothes that are easily wrinkled with you, during the rest you don’t really want to iron them every day, but do not forget about clothes for beach volleyball.

Prefer open styles so that you can demonstrate your beautiful tan. About tight clothes. It can be useful on a summer vacation only in the evening if you are waiting for a romantic meeting. And during the day, clothes should be free and comfortable with an air gap on the skin.

If the climate at your place of relaxation is cool, grab some closed warm clothes. They may not be useful, but it will be worse if there is nothing to come of. In this case, a windbreaker or sweatshirt will reliably protect you.

We consider the type of figure

The swimsuit should be selected depending on what type of figure you have:


With such a figure, you need beachwear that will visually equalize the difference between the width of the shoulders and the width of the hips. It could be:

  • one-piece swimsuit with a special insert at the chest level;
  • the difference in width can be hidden thanks to the uniform shades of the bottom and large prints of the top of the swimsuit;
  • a large bodice plus decorative details or a drapery in the chest area or a halter bodice will fit (by the way, this form of the bodice will also suit 63-year-old ladies and older ladies).


In this case, one-piece swimsuits look great, able to focus on the shape of the hourglass, these, for example, are such options:

  • the swimsuit is decorated with a beautiful decorative belt;
  • wide bra and swimming trunks fit;
  • swimsuit with thin straps.


For women clothing with such a sports figure, it is necessary to choose a swimsuit that could visually make the hips wider, for example, these styles:

  • plain, nondescript top and bright, catchy bottom;
  • all kinds of bright prints on swimming trunks – at least stripes, at least a cage, at least peas, at least flowers;
  • if you have a large bust, then the bodice is needed on large straps and with a large V-neckline.


Such a female figure will be beautifully emphasized by a bikini swimsuit, which has a deep V-neck and triangular cups. And some more tips for the owner of such a figure:

  • if you cannot boast of the length and harmony of the legs, then refuse a swimsuit in which the panties are made in the form of shorts. Better choose a high neckline option on both sides;
  • if there are any shortcomings in the shape of the buttocks, they will best help visually correct the skirts in the shape of a skirt;
  • a small tummy will not be visible in a one-piece swimsuit that has hard cups, and he will be able to emphasize all the advantages of such a figure;
  • with the colours of the swimsuit and any prints on it, there are no restrictions, and they will not harm your figure.

Choose colour

But not only the type of figure should choose a swimsuit, and a lot depends on the right colour. If a brown-haired woman, a brunette and a blonde acquire swimsuits of the same colour, then only one of them will look beneficial in it.

What colour is suitable for a brunette?

A dark-haired woman with pale skin will never look good in a dark blue swimsuit, rich purple or in plain white. Your native colours are delicate: the colours of caramel, peach, pink with purple, that are, everything that gives a warm shade.

If the skin is dark or well-tanned, then other shades will be most beneficial: richly emerald, deep blue, burgundy, chocolate, rich red.

What is better for a brown-haired woman?

A dark-skinned brown-haired woman should give preference to soft pink, warm, yellow and delicate shades of purple.

Brown-eyed brown-haired women with fair skin should abandon faded and too bright tones. Choose brown and lilac shades. For all brown-haired women, swimsuits of white and black colour are not suitable, except that white striped from black or vice versa.

For the blonde

White-skinned blondes look great in bright swimsuits, with rich, catchy shades. The more variegated the colour, reminiscent of the style of India or the East, the more beneficial the tenderness of the image of a beautiful woman with white hair will be emphasized.

In no case do not pick up a swimsuit to match your hair or skin – you can’t think of anything worse, because this will only emphasize your pallor, and you will practically turn into invisibility.

All these are generalized tips, in fact, no one except yourself knows what colour is right for you, how your skin becomes after tanning, and how its colour changes with the onset of the new season. So it’s up to you to decide.

Fabric Requirements

What is beach swimsuit? It’s also outerwear, but on the other hand, is it underwear? Yes, it’s not so simple in this case, when underwear is not just a cover for a naked body, but also its aesthetic decoration.

It is clear that a swimsuit for swimming should have elastic qualities, but what exactly should this fabric be? What is swimwear made from? The question is not simple. Perhaps it is a knitted fabric or linen, or maybe cotton?

It turns out that the best performance is achieved by combining various types of fibers, and depending on these combinations, the fabric receives certain qualities.

Today, women’s swimwear is sewn from proven fibers that are most suitable for such use. This is a durable and beautiful fabric that is not afraid of ultraviolet radiation, which means it will not fade in the sun and does not fade from prolonged exposure to water. And also such a fabric should be hypoallergenic and must pass air well.

These fibers include:

  • Lycra;
  • polyester;
  • polyamide;

In the components of almost all swimwear, there is Lycra. It is not only in silk and cotton products. Lycra for a swimsuit is what you need because this material stretches as well as possible.

Such brilliant material as polyamide would look best on smart models, and not on swimsuits, but then it perfectly pulls, and what else is needed to correct the figure?

In addition, when exposed to sunlight, this fabric does not fade, dries very quickly, and in conjunction with Lycra and elastane, it almost becomes immortal.

You should not buy swimwear made from natural fabrics such as cotton and linen. These are the most impractical models for a beach holiday.

About knitted swimsuits

Not only dense swimwear made of synthetics are very popular – knitted are no less popular. It is always a unique, unique design and originality that never leaves anyone indifferent.


What would you choose for a swimsuit? It is clear that it should contain elastane or Lycra, but swimsuits made of cotton-stretch look no less good.