Album Release, Secret Video Premier, Album Launch

album release, secret video premier, album launch

There’s much to discuss.

Thank you to all the dreamers who pre-ordered, and to all of you who have taken home the album in the last 24 hours. So loving the devotion.

DREAMLAND was released yesterday and due to a hole in the universe the pre-sales didn’t go out until today. Everyone should have the digital release now and the physical copies are being posted by my servants as I write.

Another heart shaped thank you to everyone who has been supportive of BLESS YOU, the last single. The clip almost went public, but there are plans afoot for that, so for now, I have to keep it under wraps…except…I’ve decided to give you the secret link, but you mustn’t share this with another living soul, unless that person is the content advisor, boss man, boss lady of MTV or some such. Please watch and enjoy but don’t break the spell by leaking to the outside world.


So…. here for mailing list village, is the video that features footage of women from all over the big wide world. Hours of editing, resulted in RSI and extreme fatigue, but it was worth it, because I truly love the end result. This is a celebration of the wonder and majesty of the feminista. Get anointed.

And….. please please please join me at THE DREAMLAND ALBUM LAUNCH
Friday MAY 27 

I’ve decided the dress code for this show will be black and white to celebrate the light and the shadow of all things. Go floral, stripe, block it, get geometric, go singularly black or white, it will look spectacular. 

My glorious band – Amy Valent Curlis, Stella Anning, Jo To, Michaela Burke, Julie O’Hara, Maryanne Dihayco and James Gilligan will also be spectacular. 

Together we will all be a spectacle.

Tickets here

You can head to my Bandcamp page to buy DREAMLAND now.

Yours in the pursuit of beauty  TLD xx

Tanya Lee Davies

Music maker. Word weaver. Collage creator. Song singer. Heart seeking missile. Melbourne, Australia.

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