Monday, March 4, 2024
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Akashi Red Blended Whisky

500ml – 40%

Red Blended Whisky – aged in bourbon cask for 2 years before finishing in sherry cask for 1 year.

On Sunday a friend returned from a two week stint in Japan. The reason for this visit was to follow his hobby of miniature tree growing and to drink and eat his way to enlightenment.

As luck would have it to also bring back three of the most exciting Japanese whiskeys I have tasted in a long time. I will start off with Akashi Red Blended Whisky.

This was so easy to drink, on the nose there was orange and honey. In the mouth it reminded me of a single malt the quality was stunning for a whiskey he paid $20.00 Australian for from the corner milk bar I might add.

I looked it up on the net and you can purchase it for around $55.00 Australian delivered. For $55.00 I believe it to be a bargain and if you want to try Japanese whiskey its a good place to start as the ones I have tried have cost a lot more and have not brought as much pleasure.


Look it up online

Michael Lillis

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