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Sunday, May 22, 2022

A Meeting of Tribes



We were asked by Kylie Graham, a Welfare Officer and Psychologist with the Defence Force to stage two shows of Marooned for the ADF in Melbourne and me along with the cast would like to thank her for her faith in the piece and us. We would also like to thank the General who funded it. It was, for all of us a profound experience – Michael


The set was left bare and industrial.

With great lighting from our Tech

Daryl Newton the play had a real edge to it with darkness all around.

We also discovered our smallest sized stage is 4.5 meters by 4 meters.

Gregory Caine 1620

What I love the most is watching the actors having to adapt to the new settings.

on Nov 2/3 we’re in Yarrawonga on an enormous stage.  

Rohana Hayes 768

Like always we are still fine-tuning the script, and this is the creative benefit of getting new plays on again and again. 

They are crafted.

Christopher Grant 379 

And The Verdict

They loved it, the feedback was amazing.

And it was like a meeting of two tribes, indy theatre folk, Us, and the Highest Ranks of The Defence Force coming together to tackle an adversary who doesn’t discriminate. 

What Next?

More Melbourne Shows.

More info on these very soon.  


If you would like to support us in our efforts to tour this play this is our cultural fund. Every donation over $2.00 is tax deducible. and every donation of $500.00 gets a signed copy of the play.

We are after head microphones for halls.

Audio Equipment. Speakers / Mixers  

and a Transportable Stage which will mean we can perform anywhere even outside.


In other news spent the day working with Maree Shefford on

“Adrifting Through The Vomit Generation”

Which is the Wolves new play that is in rehearsal now. 


The Wolves is a new theatre company determined to show that mature creatives can be original, challenging and pertinent.

We write and produce bold, contemporary pieces aimed at the 45 plus demographic.

‘We Dream, We Dare, We Deliver.’