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A Guide to Type of Garage Doors and Its Problems



The dramatic increase in vehicle usage and busy lifestyle give rise to building garages that could park cars comfortably. It increased security for vehicles and ease of access to it without exposure to rain, snow or sunlight. Doors of garages play a crucial role; thus, garage door services in Brisbane increased in the last few decades due to the abundance of garages.

Types Garage Doors

Garages doors classified into many categories based on working and types of materials used to make:

Sectional garage doors: sectional garage doors are panel sections that are connected with hinges. The doors work by the wheels attached to each section which will roll into the vertical track on each side of the door opening. The hinges between each panel give flexibility to such doors at curved portions of the trail. After opening the door, it will stay in parallel to the ceiling of the garage. It can be either motorised or manually operated.

Roll-up garage doors: These are the most common and type of garage doors. These are common in commercial spaces than households due to their ease of installation and operation. Roll-up garage doors made with 2 to 3 inches wide steel slat sections that can roll around a drum. These doors made to withstand heavy and frequent usage. This nature of Roll-Up doors makes them higher in cost.

Slide to the side garage doors: Its working is as implied by its name. The working of these doors is similar to sectional garage doors, except for the tracks installed in sidewalls. These doors made with panels joint together with hinges which gives flexibility at curved portions. Such doors used for garages with little headroom. An added advantage of these doors is they do not require a balancing spring.

Slide hinged garage doors: A hinged frame on either side of the opening is used to swing open and close side-hinged garage doors. It is an old fashioned design that is now in high demand for giving a classic touch to the house.

Tilt-up garage doors: It is also known as the counterweight garage door. Tilt-up canopy garage doors is a single-piece design. There is no hinges or wheels for this design which makes this design less prone to maintenance issues. A canopy-style door sits parallel with the garage ceiling. It also extends past the front of the garage. The pivoting hinge mechanism helps the door to tilt up into the garage.

Garage door problems: Every type of garage doors, regardless of opening mechanism, has many commonly occurring problems.

Noisy Garage Door: Mostly, this problem occurs due to worn-out hinges or rollers and tracks.

Worn-Out Springs: Extension springs or torsion springs connected to cables and pulleys used to the counter-balance weight of garage doors. These springs provide a counterforce that allows them to be raised and lowered with just a few pounds of force applied. Frequent usage of doors leads to worn out springs. This problem can identify by the requirement of an additional amount of power to open doors.

Garage doors are one of the most frequently operated doors in the home. Unlike other doors that strengthened by walls, garage doors are more prone to weathering and other damages. Cities like Brisbane, with above 60% monthly humidity rates, gives challenges to garage doors. It is where garage doors service in Brisbane comes in handy. Companies that focus on garage door services can help to overcome problems with garage doors. Occasional maintenance of complete garage door care services can improve the life of doors.

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