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Saturday, May 28, 2022

A Guide To Broken Link Building



In the world of SEO, the most effective and impactful strategy are those that can help you acquire relevant backlinks.


Certainly, Link Building is one such strategy. It balances several SEO tactics to earn high-quality backlinks. 


A more proven strategy that saves time & earns links even more consistently is the modern-day broken link building technique. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the entire process of finding broken links.

What is Broken Link Building? 

Broken link building, also known as dead link building, is a method that involves finding dead links, reaching out, and recommending your content as a replacement for a link to your landing page. In short, you’re providing value to the website by helping them refresh their content for a link exchange. 


Why use Broken Link Building?


Out of many link-building techniques available, broken link building is one tactic that can be a part of your broader link-building strategy, thereby leveraging competitive advantage. For more details on this method, ensure to read this broken link building guide to save your time and effort.

By taking advantage of broken link building, you can :


  1. Build backlinks on pages which have inherited authority
  2. Build links from only relevant niche sites supporting the growth of target pages
  3. Get more targeted traffic without having to spend much time on prospecting.


The Broken Link Building Process

The Entire Process is divided into 3 steps:

  1. Find broken links from relevant pages
  2. Create content worth linking 
  3. Conduct outreach to persuade webmaster to replace the dead link 


1.) Find broken links from relevant pages:

The starting point for any broken link building process is to find a relevant page on another website containing a dead link. These links redirect a 404 error.


Now the challenge here is to find these pages. Well, it’s pretty easy.


  1. Make a list of all competitors in your niche.
  2. Use a backlink analysis tool to search your competitors for backlinks.
  3. There you see several options like “Target URL error” or 404 redirects.
  4. Filter out High DA websites (Above DA 45) which you have to outreach on
  5. Export the list in an excel spreadsheet.


This initial process would help you find several broken links to work on.


2.) Recreate content worth linking :

In this SEO arsenal, every site owner would be happy to link to articles that significantly value their site. So, reverse engineer the site, which is being redirected to 404.


You need to understand what the contents of the dead page were. By doing so, you will discover various insights into why & what someone linked to previous content.


Additionally, you need to create an in-depth piece of content in the same way you create for your website. It is all about giving the webmaster a solid reason to replace the broken link.


3.) Conduct outreach to persuade webmaster to replace the dead link: 

To outreach various webmasters in your niche, you should compile the list of prospects. The list of contacts can be found on the website having dead links. Check out the author bio pages, about us, and contact page.


If, in any case, you fail to find contact details, use a tool such as hunter.io. It can fetch contact email addresses easily. Compile them in an excel spreadsheet.


As you need to convince them to replace their broken links, ensure to create a well-designed email as it would be the key element of interaction.



Modern-day software has made broken link building an easy process. As a suggestive tone works better than a directive for this method, you should never directly tell the prospect to replace a link but encourage them to read your content and make decisions. So, start this process and see your organic traffic surging.