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A cry of help from an Aussie in India

a cry of help from an aussie in india

Yesterday the Toorak Times produced an Editorial – “Bring them home“,  calling for the Australian Government to bring Australian’s home from India.

It recognised the danger of bringing COVID-19 and its variants into Australia given the surge of cases in that country, but made a suggestion of how it might be done safely and with a humanitarian focus on bringing our citizens home.

As a result, we received through social media, a letter thanking us for our concern and empathy while highlighting the terrible situation this Australian is facing stranded in Australia.

The man s not young, he was caught up in the pandemic through no fault of his own and now, in his words he feels “abandoned”.

This is that letter, and we can only hope it strikes a sympathetic note in readers and that they realise he is only one of thousands who need our help.

a cry of help from an aussie in india   Tedi Davis

Feeling abandoned YES.

I went for a six week Asia India holiday and am stuck in India a year now.

First flight after flight was cancelled.

And I was paying out thousands on a sector that costs hundreds.

Hugh price gouging.

Plus the big difficulty of getting transports to the cities that had the flights to Australia. I never liked the idea of a trip to New Delhi.

God knows what you cld be infected by at this time.

Airlines like Qatar and Sri Lanka were doing outright cheating. Air India were just stealing. Singapore was useless to boot.

Malindo just went dead.

Charter flights ranged from 3500aud to 9999usd !! For the 600aud sector India to Australia.

Yes Rob Greaves,  we do have a great airforce, lotsa suitable planes and many bases. That’s something that hasn’t been tried. A now there’s only a few thousand stranded. Setup an Australian government sponsored group of ten flights. Gratis. In gratitude. These are unprecedented times.

I don’t know if you’re also going to transport a bunch of Covid. Who does?

Vaccines do not protect against getting CV virus mutants.

The best you can do is get your CVnegative certificate before you board the fight.

Then do the 14 days quarantine on landing in Australia. And then take great care mixing in your community on your return.

I had an expensive travel insurance.

A full package that included medical repatriation to Australia. But those c#ntz played the pandemic call card and cancelled any help for me.

Shit the brick if I got sick.

Its been a shit fight to get any sort of ticket out of India to Australia. Corruption reigns. Agents buying up AirTix and sell at exorbitant prices. I’m Australian by birth and family heritage. It gives me no advantages here to get back to my country. Indian immigrants to Australia each year has approached the number 100,000. So there’s heaps of them wanting to travel. And they’re pushy. And have a home ground advantage. Know how things work.

How’s the Australian commission helping here I hear you ask. Well, SFAll.

Enough said.

BRING THEM HOME Prime Minister!



Rob Greaves – Senior Editor