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The choice of jeans sometimes becomes a difficult task due to the diversity of options in terms of styles and brands. In a normal store, we almost never look at the classification according to the rise or cut. But when we buy jeans online, we have to know where they have the upper beltline and how loose they are. In this article, we will talk in detail about the varieties of jeans, and you will get to know exactly what you need.

Did you know; the denim jeans industry in the US is expected to reach a staggering $59 billion by 2024?

We have compiled for you a list of terms that manufacturers use to refer to different types of jeans.

Types of Jeans based on their Rise

High rise (high-waisted)

These are jeans whose beltline is at the level of the navel, or slightly higher. These pants do not have to be tight and are now known as the in-fashion “mom jeans”. They were popular in the 80-90s, and in 2010 they were again discovered by fashionable women around the world. Usually, they are worn with a shirt inside the pants, or with crochet tops. These styles visually lengthen your body, and freestyle jeans help hide a small belly.

Medium rise (original)

This rise is not very different from the high rise. The upper belt line runs at the level of the navel. They can and should be worn with the same garments as high-waisted jeans. In autumn and early spring, they are perfectly complemented with flannel shirts and sweaters; in summer, with crochet tops, light blouses and classic white shirts go well.

Regular rise

This style is the classic height of jeans. The upper edge extends slightly below the navel. Correctly chosen, they are ideal for any body type, and you can use them with any garment, be it a classic jacket, a bomber or a top.

Low rise

Low-rise pants will look good only on girls who have no problems around the abdominal area. In the early 2000s, they were worn with shortened tops that exposed most of the abdomen, but today this combination is almost a sign of bad taste. Modern fashion allows you to show only a few centimetres of the body and the abs. In addition, at the end of 2010, these jeans were often worn with oversized shirts and sweaters.

Ultra-low rise

Ultra-low-waisted jeans, whose popularity is currently much lower than at the beginning of the decade, are recommended only to thin girls with a flat stomach. This is because the upper beltline in these pants is just above the pubic bone. They can be worn with the same top that is suitable for low-rise jeans.

Types of Jeans by Cut (Fit)

The cut determines the fit of the jeans from the hip line to the knee. They can be divided into two categories: tight and loose.


In contrast to the skinny, the slim jeans although they fit the figure well, do not squeeze the ankles. They can be used both for a walk and for work, they are perfect if you have a party or some other event after the workday. The low rolled up part and the bright accessories will turn your work look into an appropriate outfit for the night. Slims hide some defects of your body, especially if you choose a regular or slightly tall style with buttons on the belt.


Skinny’s popularity has not diminished for many years. Jeans that fit as if they were your second skin can be called a new classic. They can be worn with any type of clothing. However, to wear a formal look, you should always choose the regular shooting pants and in no case low rise. The body type also imposes its restrictions; as a rule, only thin girls with a slender body can wear these well.


As the name implies, jeggings are a kind of hybrid of jeans and leggings. This means that they shape your body even more than skinny. From the moment they appeared on the catwalks in 2010, jeggings have not gone out of style. By selecting the correct colour, you can use them by creating your work look as well as using them in your casual wardrobe. When choosing jeggings, you must follow two rules: they must be more like jeans than leggings, and they must not be transparent.

Straight (regular)

Straight-cut jeans can be found in the collection of almost any manufacturer. A classic example of these pants is Levi’s famous 501 style. This is a true universal among jeans, since they are suitable for girls with any type of body, and can be used with any garment, from classic jackets and heels to sports shirts combined with tennis shoes. They never go out of style, so you can buy jeans for this model without reviewing current trends.


Strictly speaking, this is a variation of the regular-cut jeans. The only difference being that they are generally low-waisted, and the width of the pants is somewhat wider than that of the classic “brothers”. Of course, you should not wear these jeans to work, but they are perfectly suited to create an everyday image. You can combine them with any garment, from t-shirts to classic white shirts, and, in the cold season, with coats and jackets.


Loose-cut jeans are what we are used to seeing rap singers wearing. These pants are in the collections of almost all brands that produce urban-style clothes, and they look better in combination with oversize-style garments. The perfect shoes for them are all kinds of sneakers, including high cuts. Many manufacturers do not distinguish this cut as a separate cut, and similar jeans can be found in the relaxed cut category.


If loose jeans are most often found in men’s collections, then the boyfriend’s style is exclusively female. Its classic length is 7/8, they can be medium, low or even “mom’s throw”, worn and broken. They have a lot of variations and, therefore, can be selected for almost any body type. You can wear your boyfriend’s with almost any clothes and shoes, except for a formal meeting, of course.

Adjusted (tapered, tailored)

These jeans are narrowed from the knee to the bottom, which means they are best suited for girls with perfect legs. This is one of the most common options in recent years, and most jeans today look exactly like this. They combine perfectly with any type of footwear, from classic shoes to basketball tennis.


After you understand these basic styles in terms of cuts and rise you can easily decide which jeans you want to buy without trying them out. This can make your online purchases easier and help you keep up with the latest styles and trends.


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