Don’t let the summer heat stop you from enjoying your outdoor dining space or getting it ready when things cool down. There is a deluge of ideas you can use to spruce up your home dining experience you might not have thought of whether its a rooftop date night table with outdoor string lights or picnic-style extended dining table with two matching benches for family outdoor summer dining. Let’s get the ball rolling.

Hang Up Some Stylish Outdoor Lantern Lights

Outdoor doesn’t have to be dark at night. Brighten up your dining experience with just a touch of light from hanging outdoor lanterns on a wall or a tree. It’ll be bright enough to see what’s on your plate and yet slightly diffused for an intimate setting.

Get Your Furniture Paint Brush Out For A Refurbish

Your outdoor dining tables and chairs may need some TLC. Outdoor furniture doesn’t normally get a lot of attention throughout the year. But with a fresh new layer of paint or lamination, you should have an inviting table yearning for a dinner spread and invited guests. Pastel shades are cool to the eyes and they’re easy to wipe and dry.

Making It Monochrome

Here’s an outdoor style that makes an impression – You can go monochromatic. You can opt for an off-white, light budding green or even a cool sunny yellow theme. Make it pastel light that matches the natural outdoor scene bordering your dining space. Any other touch of colour such as a bouquet of freshly cut greens and flowers can become an accent of interest.

Outdoor Bench Cushions, sheepskin & Towels For Comfort and Colour

These outdoor dining chairs and benches don’t have to mean stiff-hard seating. Bring out the comforts with an outdoor bench and chair cushions to make it easy on the touchy. Throw in a pair of sheepskin hide for a touch of style and soft seating on those hard wooden seats. Draped towels add colour to the setup and shade for your sun-sensitive skin.

Easy Succulent Centerpiece Add Colour On Your Dining Table

Just a few tiny pots of desert succulents can enliven a dull weather-beaten table. It’s a great addition of interest on your long table set up. Those soft green leaflets can just be visually refreshing in the summer shade. And if you’re willing to put in the effort, you can have them embedded slightly sunken with drains under the living table runner.

Use What’s Around The House

You don’t have to sweat on the cost. Look around the house and see what you can use to add to your dining space. You may use wooden pallets turned into your dining table. Salvaged school benches can become your outdoor dining furniture. Chunks of stones, random red bricks or tiles and slates are perfect landings for your dining patio.

Make It Easy Make It Fun

Don’t fuss on the details if it’s not your thing. Just know that an outdoor dining space can be a fun little project of creativity and comfort. The table will always be an exciting stage for the colours, shapes and flavours of the food you enjoy. The key is to make space reflect the fun in your life. Whether you put a potted square plant, a draped cloth of colour running through the length of the dining table or adorning the space with little tiny lights and some couple of lanterns, it’s all up to you.


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