A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood


Last night, I finally saw “A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood,” a film that highlights the level of cynicism we live in in this world today.

The film basically told through the eyes of the troubled and angry investigative reporter sent to interview Mr Rogers, balances for some time on whether the children’s show host is too good to be true. Isn’t it revealing that we feel more comfortable with people of darkness than people of light?

And the more the reporter digs, the more light shines through. Until finally it permeates his own cynicism and anger and he crumbles to become the man he could be. I remember seeing a very insightful interview between Charlie Rose and Mr Rogers, and during that interview, Charlie asks, “I have to ask this. Are you straight?” Fred Rogers seemed confused and unsure of what Rose meant. A very strange question to ask an ordained pastor, happily married family man of many years, and a tireless advocate for children’s rights.

Ironically, Charlie Rose, years later, lost his career by not being able to keep his dick in his pants and needing to show it to each young female intern who worked for him. Does that prove that people who are truly good, caring souls, unnerve those who aren’t? And we are compelled to drag them down into the mire we have made for ourselves. “A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood” is a beautiful, emotional and positive film.

It is everything Fred Rogers was. And some will have a problem with that unless you leave your cynicism at the door and just go with it. And if you can do that, you are in for a very emotional journey. In fact, it may do you more good than several years of therapy.