listen to older voices: pasquale colodonato – part 1

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This is Part 1 of a 3-part Golden Moment repeat program featuring the Life and Times of Pasquale Colodonato.

When originally recorded in 2010 Pasquale was 74 years of age and he provided us with with an insight into a lifestyle that is rapidly passing – an insight into the life of a rural Italian family in a rural Italian village.

This part of his story covers the period both before and during the Second World War. It starts with his recollections of his life as a 6 year old boy working as a young shepherd, often sleeping in rough huts in the hills as he took care of the flock with his Marmeema dogs, protecting the sheep from wolves.

listen to older voices: pasquale colodonato – part 1
A Marmeema sheep dog


For him, they were great days interrupted by the war. As a result of the war he lost his father, he lost his home and he lost his way of life! Yet at wars end something remarkable happens that brings pride to his mother and an amazing future for Pasquale.

Settle back and listen to his story.


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